The Atlanta Falcons Woes Show Up Again vs Saints|| Payton Schools Morris

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Going into the bye week Raheem Morris was 3-1 and the fans were feeling pretty good about the team and the rest of the season. There was even rumors being spread that the Falcons my be heavily considering keep Morris on as the Head Coach. All that talk may be put on the back burner for now after Sunday's game. A Brees less Saints team showed up with Taysom Hill at QB and proceeded to make the Falcons look like a college football team. The Saints defense harassed Matt Ryan all day to the tune of 8 sacks. Once again the offense of the Falcons could not get anything going in the run game and failed to make adjustments in the sack hal to account for the pressure the Saints were getting. If Morris wants to remain in the race for the HC spot he is going to have to step his game up going forward.

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