Dallas Cowboys Report With Tom Downey (Nov. 19th)

Dallas Cowboys rumors and news is back on today’s LIVE Cowboys Report with host Tom Downey! It’s just rumors and the mailbag today but we’ve got the latest on Cowboys vs. Vikings, injury updates, the NFL Draft and rumors on key players like Randy Gregory, Zack Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence.

Cowboys Rumors look ahead to the future for the Cowboys. Should Dallas just take the best defensive player in the NFL Draft and make sure to pay Dak Prescott? Or are the Cowboys actually a good team and should try to win the NFC East, even if it costs them a Top 5 pick?

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Cowboys news focuses on injury updates. What’s going on with DeMarcus Lawrence, Zack Martin and Randy Gregory? It appears Lawrence missed practice today - although the details are TBD. Martin is dealing with a calf injury, but he should be fine. Randy Gregory has missed 2 straight practices with an illness. Will he be able to play vs. the Vikings?

Here’s the list of Cowboys Rumors today:
- Cowboys are a good team?
- Win NFC East Over Top 5 Pick?
- Zack Martin Injury?
- Randy Gregory Sick?
- Pay Dak Prescott?
- Draft Best Defensive Player?

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