What Giannis Antetokounmpo NEEDS To Do RIGHT NOW (Ft. Steph Curry and NBA Pace)

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First of all, Giannis needs to focus on this season. The Bucks are by no means out of the picture for the championship. They have the talent, they have the roster, they have a 2 time MVP. Do they need to modify their game plan? Heck yeah. Use Giannis in the post more instead making him useless in the half court setting because that’s what happened. While Mike Budenholzer is a solid coach and has designed this basically spread offense around Giannis, he’s also been known to not make adjustments in the playoffs.

The Bucks are still title contenders, and they’re looking to add more pieces. This doesn’t have to be a lost season. And perhaps the most important indicator is that Giannis blames himself more than management for not putting him in a situation to win. That’s what happened with superstars leaving teams in the past. LeBron in 2010 had problems with the Cavs not able to build any sort of team around him, and Dan Gilbert.

But let’s introduce a bit of chaos, let’s have fun with this. Let’s say Giannis will leave, he wants to move out of Milwaukee. Well then Giannis needs to pick a team that isn’t going to taint his legacy and should focus on a team with a ballhandler that has an identity that he can fit into and not the other way around, a team that has versatility. We’ve seen a team built around Giannis with shooters at every position, with Giannis having spacing to free run, and we’ve seen defensive solutions that work. The wall from the Raptors, the pseudo-wall mixed in with a lot of stunts from the Heat. Giannis got stopped.

We saw it with LeBron this year with the roster the Lakers have. LeBron usually has a ton of knockdown shooters at every position, but instead he had players like Rondo and Howard that might have not fit the stereotypical LeBron team. He also had Anthony Davis of course, but the Lakers made a whole new identity. Giannis is versatile on both ends of the floor, but he isn’t as versatile as LeBron offensively which means very specific defenses can’t stop LeBron because he switches to another bag. It’s why the Bucks are potentially looking at Chris Paul for even just a year, one last hurrah.

It doesn’t make sense for Giannis to go to a team that’s going to change their whole offense because it hasn’t proven to be successful. Now this isn’t a sign of weakness at all. Look at Michael Jordan. He had free rein, put up ridiculous stats, but once he slightly adjusted his game within the triangle offense, it was more conducive to winning. And we’ve just seen stars who slightly modify their game for the team win. So with that criteria, there are teams that work and both teams are interested in Giannis. The dream or nightmare teamup would be Curry and Giannis on the Warriors with Klay and Draymond. Curry and Giannis, jeez. Just because the Warriors have shooters doesn’t mean it has to be Giannis running the show every possession. He has Curry who can run the offense with Giannis having a few possessions of ball handling. There’s the Warriors ball movement that means Giannis doesn’t have to attack only one way. And when Giannis does choose to attack the paint, it’s much harder for defenses to wall up due to the options he has. I mean it all fits, the Warriors can play fast, they have ball handlers, they are used to integrating big stars, the main problem with this is that Giannis may get flack for joining the Warriors.

The Heat are the people’s team. They have a ball handler in Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic. Their identity is to be a gritty defensive pace and space team. Pace and space means the Heat want to control the pace, usually slowing the game down. In the playoffs, the Heat were the 5th slowest team while the Bucks were 5th fastest. This means the Heat is great in a half-court setting. On one hand that compliments Giannis’s existing weakness. On the other, does Giannis fit into that or does he make it more complicated since they won’t have spacing. The Heat used that stretch 4 to space the floor with Bam and Butler on the floor. Giannis on the Heat would be awesome, like seriously dope and I’m sure Erik Spoelstra would figure things out as he always does, but even here isn’t a perfect fit. Butler would be the closer so that also helps, the only Giannis stopper besides Kawhi is on the Heat so interesting, but the pace would be an issue.