Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Jersey Tease | Is Blasty Coming Back?

Adidas who has the contract for all jerseys in the National Hockey League. One way that the NHL is staying in the spotlight and keep fans interested is release more jerseys. With all teams having a home and away primary plus an alternate jersey. Another new concept that all 31 NHL teams will have starting the 2020-21 season is a fourth jersey called the reverse retro. Think this is another sign than the NHL intends to play during the 2020-21 season as like many other businesses try to exist during COVID-19.

As a Calgary sports fan and Calgary Flames fan. I share and talk about the tease that the NHL and Adidas reveal what could be the Calgary Flames reverse retro jersey. They reveal a black jersey and note the year 1998. Based on the pictures could Blasty be returning? Have the clues shown at the start. Personally do hope that's the case.

Do you think Blasty is coming back as a Calgary Flames reverse retro jersey? Did you like the Calgary Flames alternate jersey they originally wore back in 1998 and retired it in 2006?

Find out on Monday, November 16th, 2020 when all reverse retro jerseys will be released. Pictures at start of video belongs to their respective owners.

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