NFL Film Breakdown: Lamar Jackson's Mechanics, Decision Making, and His Use in the Ravens Offense

Is Lamar Jackson good? He's one of the most dynamic players in the NFL right now but people still aren't sold on his longterm prospects playing the position -- mostly because of how they view his ability to throw. But looking at what Lamar brings to the Baltimore offense as just a passer isn't fair because Lamar isn't just a passer. He impacts every play even if he isn't running or throwing the ball. Defenses fear him in the run game which opens up lanes for guys like Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins and gives their linemen advantageous angles. As a pure passing quarterback, Lamar has taken some significant strides in his mental game but still has some mechanical issues he needs work on. There are some good signs that things are slowing down for him and that he is growing as a passer but he's not there yet. When looking at Lamar Jackson, though, you have to take a complete view of him as a player. He's not just a passer and he's not just a running quarterback. He's Lamar Jackson.

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