49ers Rumors & News: Michael Thomas Trade? + Injury Updates On Jordan Reed, Tevin Coleman & More

San Francisco 49ers News and Rumors this weekend focus on trade rumors surrounding Michael Thomas and the Saints. The 49ers do not seem to be ready to make any more moves before the deadline but some fans are still wanting the addition of a big name WR. Report Host Thomas Mott breaks it all down in today’s 49ers News and Rumors.

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HC Kyle Shanahan announced that Jordan Reed and Tevin Coleman both have a chance to play on Sunday. Reed has been out since week 3 and Coleman has hardly played this year. Both would provide massive additions to the 49ers roster and chances to beat Seattle on Sunday.

The 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon for what will prove to be a huge matchup in the NFC West. The 49ers need to get a win against Russell Wilson and company in order to keep pace in the vaunted NFC West. Seattle just traded for Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap, however, 49ers fans should know that Dunlap will be unable to play on Sunday.

Here’s the full list of San Francisco News and Rumors:
- Jordan Reed activated
- Tevin Coleman playing Sunday?
- Michael Thomas trade rumors

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