Rams WR Cooper Kupp on Beating Washington Football Team, 4-1 Start

Rams WR Cooper Kupp Week 5 post game press conference after defeating Washington Football Team 30-10. Check out Madden 21 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3f1LgeC

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About This NFL Postgame Press Conference: Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp discusses his team's Week 5 win over the Washington Football Team 30-10, starting the 2020 NFL season 4-1, and quarterback Jared Goff's connections to his talented teammates! Next up for the Rams in Week 6: The NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football! Footage courtesy of and provided by the Los Angeles Rams organization and media site.

Copper Kupp Rams Press Conference Time Stamps:
00:00 Cooper Kupp on WR Robert Woods
00:51 Cooper Kupp on RB Darrell Henderson
01:29 Cooper Kupp on 49 yard catch
03:03 Cooper Kupp on Rams' fast starts
04:00 Cooper Kupp on Rams' lucky coin tosses
04:21 Cooper Kupp on QB Jared Goff's spike
04:50 Cooper Kupp on Rams' big plays
05:53 Cooper Kupp on head coach Sean McVay's spike rule
06:13 Cooper Kupp on defeating Washington Football Team 30-10
07:01 Cooper Kupp on 4-1 start, East Coast road schedule

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