Watch this possession. The Heat are in a 2-3 zone, something that they run to perfection on defense. There are 2 defenders next to the ball at all times. Great effort and great execution, forcing the Celtics to make a lot of quick decisions. And when you’re in a rush, as you can see here the result is turnovers.
Boston had 20 turnovers as opposed to just 9 for the Heat. And in a close game like this one, it proved to be fatal for them.
So let’s check out a few more plays and see how Eric Spoelstra’s team got out to a 2 game lead in the series. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The reason why the Celtics struggle against the zone as it happened with Toronto as well, is the fact that they like to run a lot of their plays through Kemba or Tatum and find a favorable mismatch for them. From there it’s either the drive for a layup or a kickout, or the shake and bake for the pull up jumpshot.
Thing is, with the zone, there is always a help defender, as you can see this possession right here where Tatum is swarmed by multiple defenders at all times.
Again, look at the incredible activity. 2 guys chasing Walker, and as he gives it up and Brown starts to drive, Olynuk is back to contest it and forces a miss. Perfect execution.
On the offensive end, Miami absolutely destroyed Boston with the pick and roll. That’s how Adebayo got most of his points to finish of a monster game of 10 for 16 from the field. 21 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists at the end for Bam, but as you can see, the nonexistent Celtics helpside defense had a lot to do with that.
And I need to stress something. Do you know who’s been the Heat’s leading scorer throughout these playoffs? No it’s not Jimmy Butler, Adebayo or any of the heatcheck highlight factory guys like Herro or Duncan Robinson.
It’s actually Goran Dragic who you’ll never see him on the nightly top 10 lists, but the guy is just a championship level player. Always under control, makes the right play every single time, and has incredible control of the pace of the game.
He proved that once again with 25 points on a super efficient 52 and a half percent from the field. The Dragon deserves way more credit for this incredible postseason run that the Heat have been able to make so far.
As for the Celtics, they didn’t take this loss well at all. There were tweets from reporters in the bubble about a lot of yelling and arguing in the locker room after the game.
Unsurprisingly Marcus Smart, their emotional leader was the guy who did most of the yelling and throwing objects even.
One of the tweets said: the team is imploding. Which is a very serious statement to make in the middle of a conference finals.
Boston will not practice today, probably in an attempt to cool their heads and calm down.
But then, how will they prepare for this Miami Heat zone that’s been causing them so much trouble in these 2 games?
Even tho Denver showed us that big comebacks can happen in the bubble, the Celtics are in a must win situation for game 3 so it’s definitely going to be a huge battle.
And I’m extremely excited for it. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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