New 2020 Los Angeles Rams Uniforms: My Thoughts

My thoughts on the brand new uniforms unveiled by the Los Angeles Rams for the upcoming 2020 NFL season.

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5 Responses

  1. Clear obvious 100% indication these new uniforms are a total fail on epic levels. The jerseys don't even have horns on the sleeves anymore!!?? WHAT THE FUCK !? Some professional designer is an idiot!
    The new broken horn 3D design sucks, and it's on our helmets now.. The iconic horns did not need to be changed or altered in anyway on our helmets… but might as well mess with everything.
    New logos both suck, the new Ram head logo is easily the lesser of two evils but the dick looking shape on its face is depressing as all hell along with the overall lack of effort and detail / emotion put into it.
    They replaced the classic horns on the jersey shoulders with a STL looking arch / half ring for a stripe on the sleeves. The away jerseys they just didn't even bother with a shoulder stripe .. Ohh that little thin yellow stripe with the white? That you can not even see, and looks nothing like a horn in anyway. 😆
    Can't wait to play some football this year! WOOO….woo….. 😑

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