Should Francis Ngannou be the favorite over Jon Jones?


Chael Sonnen talks Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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50 Responses

  1. 100:1 odd jones won’t take on Francis lol

    I hope Francis keeps messing with him until he takes the fight. He should tell jones to bring all his brothers with him
    On fight night and he will beat all their asses in the cage one at a time starting with Arthur 😂

    Dear chael, Jones couldn’t take down OSP, Reyes, and Santos. That is why he’s more vulnerable in a fight with Francis Ngannou. Where as DC has taken down everyone he faced except for jones in the second fight. You should know that.

  2. Jones will beat Ngannou by 4th or 5th Round Submission or TKO. Jons Mayweather like defense and fight IQ is the antidote to Ngannous offensive power. If you think stipe fucked ngannou up, Jones is gona imply that strategy far more calculating and this time ngannou will be getting kicked while tired from angles he isn't use to dealing with.

  3. It's very simple DC… was undefeated at heavyweight until the rematch with Stipe. There is no proof that Jones can win at Heavyweight especially against one of the hardest MMA punchers that we've ever seen. It's actually not difficult to see why bones is the underdog in this (at the moment) fictional fight.

  4. I would love to see it but Francis probably ain’t gonna KO Jones and if he doesn’t I don’t see a way he can win I see it being similar to how stipe handled ngannou with the addition of some eye pokes for good measure

  5. I feel like Jon would try to shock the world and prove that he is the "best in the world" and try knock him out which will ultimately end badly for him and I see DC not giving f**k and just out wrestling/grappling him.

  6. This is the money fight and would be the biggest UFC fight of the year 100%. Jones can't take any shots early or it's gonna be a short night for him. Francis is learning on the job and only getting better. I don't see Jones taking this fight.

  7. Let's do some MMA Math:

    Artem Lobov beat Morton Djursaa who beat Alan Carlos who beat Daniel Acacio who beat Kazuo Misaki who beat Dan Henderson who beat Big Nog who beat Werdoum who beat Velasquez.

    So Lobov can beat Velasquez.

  8. All jokes aside, if I had to guedd its because DC has proven that he can perform at heavyweight very well throughout his career. Where as Jones, has only been at lhw. I dont agree with that logic, but Im assuming thats their logic

  9. I guarantee the thing that pisses off Jones so much about you is that he hates you, yet you're objective about him and even give him praise when it's warranted. I guess being straight up can be the biggest troll job of all 😂🤷‍♂️💪💪

  10. I mean it seems pretty obvious to me. DC won't strike with Francis. He'll smother him just like Stipe did with even better wrestling. Jon wants to beat people at their own games, so he'll want to out strike Francis.

  11. I like francis as a man but the hype behind him is absurd. If he came into the heavyweight division 8 yrs ago he would never crack top 3 at the highest. And now people are favoring him over Jon what a fuckin joke.

  12. Bad guy much respect!! You are wise beyond what the fight game can offer. But on paper Jones always was a 205 lb fighter. Even if he was more fight night. It is still part of the ritual as us social scientists will call it. Jones never has fought without going through of his ritual of dieting or walk around weight to fight at 265+ it is a different dynamic of the ritual being displayed. Where Comier has on numerous occasions made the ritual offerings to fight at the weight. There is more than paper math and logic going on. Jones always had to fight someone weighing 205. Nothing over 206 on paper where Daniel has and reached the top of the mountain of doing so.

  13. Chael is wayyyyy off. History says that mma math DOES NOT work. Styles make fights🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s a fact. ex : Garbrandt, Cruz & Dillashaw. Cejudo, mighty mouse & Benevidez. Gaethje, Poirier & Michael Johnson. Glover, Gus & Anthony Smith. Wonderboy, Masvidal & Till. Rockhold, Weidman & Vitor. Lawler, Woodley & Rory…Do i rlly need to go on?

  14. I think Jones takes this too. But there is a definite (I think probably less than 50:50) chance that a glove gets laid on Jones in anger and he goes down, and that's what everyone wants to see.

    As someone else says, people bet against Jones because they don't like him and want to see him lose.

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