Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 1985 Week 16

This game had to be re-posted because of a copyright issue. Hopefully it will stay up this time.

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50 Responses

  1. 5:12 – Had FieldTurf been in use back then instead of the green-colored concrete known as AstroTurf, it's likely that Ferguson would not have been knocked out the game as a result of that play. If, in addition to playing on FieldTurf, he had been wearing a Vicis Zero1 helmet, it's a virtual certainty he wouldn't have.

  2. As one of the announcers said late in the 4th quarter, "for a meaningless game this has been one of the best games of the season." It was. Poor Lions, I really want to see them in the SB (and Cleveland) before I leave this earth.

  3. around that time mike tyson was jus getting noticed by general public… this bear D was the tyson of the nfl in 80s.. they KO'd several players especially QBs.. this is best pass rush nfl has ever seen and its not real close.. 72, 70, and 68 sacks each yr from 84-86 i think it was

  4. The Lions were so injury riddled, therefore the outcome was a no brainer considering the defense they were playing against. Ferguson was a 1970s era veteran who was probably getting a little more fragile at the time. No doubt as some say that if it were today, Marshall would have definitely been hit with a roughing the passer penalty.

  5. Wilbur Marshall knocking players to coma's Richard Dent players just get out his way Dan Hampton slinging players across the field Otis Wilson holler at players they run out his way Refrigerator Perry smashing players they just lay there damn they don't play with them

  6. I remember many QB's lying on their backs against the Bears in 1985. The most physical and intimidating NFL defense I have ever seen play the game. I was way too young to gamble in 1985 but I would have put up the mortgage on the Bears to cover in SB XX that year.

  7. I remember this game. Everyone remembers the famous shot on Ferguson, but I remember being struck by the fact that the Lions played this game down to the last second with no chance of winning. As banged up as they were, it was really an irresponsible thing to do, but rivalries are rivalries. That's how it was done.

  8. I gotta say for a game that was meaningless, it sure was hard fought and much entertaining to watch. Wilbur Marshall plowing over and burying Detroit quarterback Ferguson, Walter Payton with a touchdown pass, Rivera with a score and slam, turnovers with guys scrambling for the ball. Some more great memories of the Bears epic '85 season. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Peyton worse some big shoulder pads . although he was wide shouldered . less so or it looked that way like with Barry Sanders and Jim Brown who had highly developed trapezius muscles and necks and so do almost all NFL players except for perhaps qbs and kickers . genetics or nurture , you have to have highly developed " traps " and necks for shock absorption to make it to the nfl i think so as to prevent neck and head injuries … in the past 20 or so years nfl players are wearing smaller shoulder pads and it makes sense especially if you're a rb or receiver … geez all these obese lineman in this 21st century . we had a few back in the late 20th c but not like today . i worry about their hearts when they retire .

  10. There have been many comments on how the game has changed and how there would have been a whole bunch of penalties called if this game had been played today. But how about Rivera's interception? Am I the only one who thinks that would have been ruled an incomplete pass by the replay officials?

  11. With that 37-17 road win over Lions, Bears closed out reg. portion, 1985-1986 season with 15-1-0 record. Then they destroyed, both N.Y. Giants/Rams in N.F.C. Playoffs (both wins at home) to earn berth in Super Bowl, XX where they'd clobber Patriots, 46-10

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