Ben Roethlisberger's comments 'disturbed' Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith feels Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger slighted his teammate Antonio Brown after saying he wanted to go to JuJu Smith-Schuster on four straight plays. Max Kellerman disagrees and likes that Big Ben is willing to take risks even if it means throwing some interceptions.

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50 Responses

  1. "You know what that's going make me do (as a wide receiver)? Point out every time I'm open." – Uh, Stephen? AB does that. How many times has AB gotten hot on the sideline because he feels he's not getting targeted enough? Where have you been not to notice this as a Steelers' fan?

  2. Nah! I'm good with him slinging it! Favre would and had the most TDs and the most INTs too! And we all loved to watch him play every Sunday! Same thing for Ben. Throw it. Trust your receivers to get it and let the chips fall where they may!

  3. I hate to say it, but when Deshaun Watson was a junior, and Clemson started slowly, Deshaun went on TV and said, ‘it’s on me. I’m pushing, I’m making bad decisions going for the big play, instead of taking what’s there. I have to adjust better in game.’
    That team proceeded to win a national title.
    But go watch what was said about him when he said he was at fault. He was called a non-leader, weak, and was showing mental weakness by admitting his faults early in the season.
    It cost him a Heisman, 2 of them in my opinion, and a 1 overall pick.
    He was looked down on after he took responsibility for his team starting slow. No QB should do that. The media will trash you either way.
    Just say screw it, and I’ll do what I do, and let the media run. If you’re honest they’ll use that against you too.

  4. Then Molly chimes in, trying to be relevant and justify having her job. She criticizes the words he uses. We'll play it more important than talk, definitely more important than someone's opinion, especially someone who only has a job to fill a network quota…

  5. Stephen A is a fucking talking head ASSHOLE. Fuck that dude…I'd love to see him complete even 5 passes out of the 100s Big Ben has completed in this league. Big Ben tried to put the game on his back and he didn't get it done. Simple as that, he aint get it done… He failed. It happens regardless of how great u are.

  6. I get we were not running it great but we should have put in more work. Ben has Carried us ENOUGH Years and Our Seconday is WHY we have lost in the Playoffs NOT Ben. Pats PICK them Apart and without Ben were are not a top team. Guy can't be afraid to put it in there. The HATE On Big Ben this year is too much. AB had the TOP CB on him and JuJu had the BETTER Match up. I love Big Ben and he gets us the W. Ya he doesn't throw it away all day like Rodgers but he stays in there like NOONE else. Toughest QB in the NFL and has 2 rings

  7. mommy my friends named me tiny bitch ben and I cry about everything my friends smack's me around every day because I blame them for all my short comings mom mom what tiny bitch ben is it weird I love my name they gave me

  8. I’m a devoted Steeler fan, and hate it when Ben criticizes his team mates through the media!!! Keep the issues you may have in-house!!! Be discrete!!! Also, Ben, look at yourself first and what you could have done better before pointing fingers at your team mates!!! Own up to your mistakes, bruh!!! ☮️🖖🏽

  9. Big Ben is the most undeserving hall of famer ever. Beyond overrated. Look at his stats over his career. Every post season run of his was in SPITE of his play and BECAUSE of his defense. Steelers will never be the pats with Big Ben. Loser

  10. Throwing interceptions sometime is understood but so called future hall of famer makes a habit of throwing interceptions damn near every game and people say he's one of the greatest that played the game, what an insult to all the great players in the NFL!!!!

  11. I wonder if Ben is the bigger problem in all this. Since he could do a lot more as a leader. A leader talks to his teammates and tells them whether or not it's my fault or his receivers fault. You dont hear Brady do that or other QBs do that. Why does Ben have a stick up his ass being a drama queen saying this stuff on the radio and not one on one

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