Is Philip Rivers Washed, Broken Officiating & Gronk

Is Philip Rivers Washed, Broken Officiating & Gronk. Philip Rivers threw 4 interceptions in Mexico City in a Monday Night Football loss to the Kansas CIty Chiefs. Is the QB’s career almost over? Go to for a free online visit and free two-day shipping


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Patrick Mahomes played efficient football in the second half, even though he still doesn’t look like himself. Tyreek Hill suffered a hamstring injury, and tight end travis Kelce became the fastest TE to reach 6,000 receiving yards with 450 receptions. Philip Rivers has played bad football at the end of games all season, and now many suspect the Chargers may move on from him and draft a quarterback this 2020 NFL Draft. Former tight end Rob Gronkowski announced that he will not un-retire and instead host a Super Bowl party in Miami Beach. That’s Good Sports also reviews nfl officiating, and the wack-off Kentucky announcement during college basketball

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50 Responses

  1. I had hope my team xould beat the Ravens but I knew they were most likely to win but that doesn't mean its not a bad missed call. The reffs gonna win the Superbowl this year. They are going to beat both teams to win their first ring.

  2. It's not the NFL, its the Refs. Refs gain points as they ref games. They need to meet a certain threshold to Ref in the NFL. Overturned calls loose you points. Lose enough points and its back to College with you. Refs are protecting their own.

  3. I feel like with the new younger OC for the chargers is putting a lot of the work in rivers hands (probably by his request) but a happy medium of coaching and riverball. Im hopeful for the future, and i hope he stays with the bolts

  4. Sports betting and owner interest is a huge issue with the officiating too. They have to power to make a crucial 3rd and short into a 3rd and long, making it harder for the team they don't want to win, to win. Or make that same crucial, game deciding, 3rd down into a 1st down to keep a drive alive for the team the NFL wants to go deep into the playoffs. Like say Baltimore winning games to get them a favorable playoff matchup since it would be great for owners and the league's pocket books as a whole.

    And who cares if a team that isn't in playoff contention gets screwed over? The important thing is money and which teams can make the most of it when the playoffs come around.

  5. I agree with all the pass interference bs. But that last play in the Denver game was a good no call. dude only held cuz Fant pushed off. Fant just wasn't ready for the ball. Gotta get out of that break faster

  6. Can the Boltz beat the broncos this time? It feels the broncos are underrated, considering they almost beat a playoff team like the vikings !!! Even if the BOLTZ beat the broncos they won't make the playoffs, because Patriots, ravens, texans, chiefs, bills, Raiders, colts, Titans, jaguars, Steelers and Browns all have better records, and easier schedules than the 4-7 Chargers.

  7. Rivers (if he doesnt retire) will be offered a 4 year deal (with a 2 year rip-cord in the middle), if i was the chargers' GM, i wouldnt give him more than 2 years fully guaranteed. Specially if he keeps playing crappy scared and slow

  8. Rivers = stubborn as a donkey. He has been fortunate over the years with very good receivers who bailed him out of horrific throws. This year, the passes are even more horrific with little opportunity to catch them without contortionist ballet grabs.

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