Top Linebackers | 2020 NFL Draft

He's my current linebackers rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft!!!

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50 Responses

  1. I love this list, especially since My team needs one so bad. I really like Troy Dye although I feel he is a bit undersized to be a true thumper. He’s got speed and a good sense of where to be at the right time and is a good blitzer. Idk how he does in coverage though???

  2. Isiah Simmons is an athletic monster
    but what is his real posititon ???
    OLB, EDGE, SS personal I find it good at each position.
    on the other hand Troy Dye is a real OLB and for my taste one can underestimate.
    I also love Willie Gay Jr with his supersonic speed, I would be disappointed if he gives us a 4.55 at 40 yards
    and finally Patrick Queen completely demolished Clemson during the Final

  3. Another great video Bro ! As I said I would I did my research on P Queen and he definitely moved up my board sitting at 3 behind Simmons and Murray… besides that our top 5 are identical and agree, that after 5 there is a huge drop off… I’m higher on Evan Weaver and I think he’s in that late 3rd early 4th round range just off his tackling abilities alone… Charles Snowden just off shear size can be a very scary player but has to be drafted by the right team to maximize his potential… and to finish, I’m a die hard NY Giants fan who grew up Liking LBs and TEs ( Zach Thomas my favorite non Giant of all time 😉 ) so I would love to see Simmons with my G-Men but only after trading back with the Panthers at pick 7 !

    Looking forward to your next video bro your doing a great job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. My man shmo doin his thing as always. Love ur insight n how u keep it real bout jus bein a big football fan wit insight and a lot of time people get too caught up in wut the "experts" r sayin cuz really those rlly heads jus football fans wit more access

  5. Is there something im missing with patrick queen? Ive watched his tape from 3 different games this year and he's looked like 3rd-4th round talent at best, especially in the Oklahoma game he struggled against jalen hurts running

  6. Call me crazy, but I'm looking at a guy by the name of Jacob White LB out of Ball State University – small college in Muncie, IN. He has great leadership qualities and always puts 100% effort into every play. While he may never be a star in the NFL, he is the type of guy that everyone would love on their team and whichever team takes a chance on him definitely won't regret it!
    I also love to watch all of the undersized LB prospects from the smaller schools. They all have chips on their shoulders, and some will end up being the better players because of it in a few years.

  7. Not sure what people see in Queen. I watched his film and it wasn’t impressive. Couldn’t get through traffic and doesn’t have that speed to get to sideline to sideline. Think about Devin White who just left and he was a top 10 pick. So Queen could be a late second early 3rd maybe. Mid 3rd being a steal. Early 2nd being a reach.

  8. Murray by far is the best LB in the draft. Simmons isn’t a true LB and in some cases isn’t even listed at LB. He has less than 10% of snaps at ILB. That 9/10 playing at DB. I’m also high on Simmons but he’s in a weird place that might give trouble translating at the next level if not on the right team, scheme, coach and supporting cast. As I said though, I’m high on Simmons and he will be drafted FAR before Murray but if somebody wants a true LB, Murray is that. Sideline to sideline, see ball get ball LB, fast enough to keep up in coverage but no where near Simmons obvious coverage skills.

  9. Dye will come off maybe in the 3rd. He doesn’t really make that impact play but I like how you described the way he played, it was very accurate. He slimmer, and waits for blocks to engage and sneaks in between the wholes. Doesn’t get blown up by the line for being slim though I was surprised.

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