Dallas Cowboys To Hire Mike McCarthy

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27 Responses

  1. What’s funny is all of us are excited about Garrett getting fired, yes about time. But why are we happy about McCarthy getting the job??!! He proved he couldn’t win without Aaron Rodgers and got fired, there is nobody even close to Aaron Rodgers talent in Dallas, so why are we happy. The reason he got hired is bcus Jerry found himself another puppet who will be to soft to coach this team and will lose the locker room by the end of the season. This coach was a offensive coordinator before being hired, then got fired for not being able to produce on offense and we pick him up 😂 😂 (by the way, he called the plays in Green Bay and got fired for not doing good 😂) But we happy to have him, we are a delusional fan base and that’s why we have the owner we have. Can’t nobody argue that he can coach a team to wins without an Elite QB bcus he proved he cant

  2. I’m so glad we’re getting McCarthy .. people who say McCarthy is garbage.. he hasn’t done anything.. remember this.. outside of bellicheck who has been GREAT.. … I’m waiting…. no one.. no one that was available has been jus great.. only 1 coach bellicheck.. other than that.. every other coach is just about average.. so pick one?.. and I like our pick

  3. I think mccarthy is an ok hire ….i wouldve rather had a coach who is known for developing qbs and had an eye for the rushing game…i think meyer or even riley couldve took dak to the next level honestly….i hope mccarthy gets a new dc and dallas gets away from the tampa 2.

  4. Why are you comparing Garrett to McCarthy? Garrett wasn't an option for the 2020 season. You need to compare McCarthy to the coaches that are out there. Now, I wanted LR. To me McCarthy is a slight better Garrett. We know how bad Garrett is, so I dont count it a great accomplishment to beat him when McCarthy had Aaron Rodgers as his qb. Just look at the stats between Garrett & McCarthy. They're nearly the same, but it's not that great when you consider his qb was Brett Farve & Aaron Rodgers. I'm glad Garrett gone, just not excited about a has been. Go Cowboys!

  5. YES McArthy is in!! I like it. McArthy knows Dak is on the verge of elite, and McArthy will get him there. We need a fire and brimstone defensive Coordinator. Then I will be happy. Marvin lewis as DC would be nice. Mike Nolan? someone hot man..

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