Cowboys made right hire with McCarthy, will have impact on Dak — Jennings | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright and Greg Jennings talk about the Dallas Cowboys and if the team made the right choice in hiring Mike McCarthy as their new head coach. The duo also talk about quarterback Dak Prescott and if McCarthy will make Dak an elite quarterback.

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Cowboys made right hire with McCarthy, will have impact on Dak — Jennings | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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45 Responses

  1. Past performance does not guarantee future success. Having a Super Bowl Ring many years ago does not mean McCarthy can get the Cowboys one. The League has changed, it is probably better to bring in college coaches assistant NFL coaches with new idea than using old coaches from the past. But Jerry Jones like to live in the past. In addition, McCarthy is also known to have problem managing the game, just like Jason Garett. Last but not least, McCarthy won a Super Bowl because of Aaron Rogers, and Dak is not Aaron Rogers.

  2. Any one else find it hilarious that for mmm……probably 3-4 years now people were saying that McCarthy needs to change. He needs to adapt. He needs to be more flexible in his play-calling.

    Now that he has admitted to some of that being true and saying the he WILL change and he WILL be more flexible, now people are saying "Oh, he can't change. It's gonna be the same-old thing. His offense won't work in Dallas."

    People are just negative for the sake of being negative.

  3. I think Mike can have a solid 5 years of high powered offense because he will be forced to make a new scheme, which he is obviously good at. The question is after that scheme has been figured out and the Cowboys offensive success starts to slow, will he learn from his mistakes and adjust? I think yes because he doesn't have Aaron Rodgers.

  4. Remember Packers couldn't protect Rodgers and they didn't have a defense all those years after their SB?
    Their best RB was Eddie Lacy in that time. I don't blame McCarthy for their reasons of not winning another SB.
    They were making the playoffs with team less talented than Dallas minus AR-12.

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