Fantasy Football 2019 - Championship Studs & Stinkers + #FootClanTitles! + Week 17 Waivers - Ep. 843

The Fantasy Footballers are back to recap a wild fantasy football championship weekend! Which Week 16 performances led fantasy managers to a title, and which duds hurt the most? Plus Week 17 Waiver Wire & Streamers, injury news, and Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast.-- Fantasy Football Podcast for December 23rd, 2019.

12:30- Monday Punday
14:15 - Week 16 Rewind
23:45 - Week 16 Studs + Week 17 Waiver Wire
52:15 - Week 16 Stinkers
01:07:00 - Week 17 Team DEF Streamers

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50 Responses

  1. Luckily for Jason, about 3 years ago I was up against a guy who scored negative points. Honestly we still laugh about it today since that same day I broke the league record for points scored (and would still hold it if it didnt switch to PPR from standard) and ofcourse still hold the record for point differential on a week

  2. took home the chip! so glad i started higbee over waller. picked up perriman when i lost godwin. aaron jones got my back since hill and zeke had okay games. fred warner had a pick six! my opp had hurt kyler murray and hurt will fuller. he had miles and jared cook. was a close finals

  3. I learned a lot about fantasy this year. 1. Four leagues is too much. You are always playing against guy you also have and only one or two leagues are truly important. Also, in general, be in a league with your friends…work leagues suck. 2. Never give up. While I was near the top in my work league all year (because random employees clearly dont care/don't put in a effort to research) I started my other three leagues 0-4, 0-4, 1-3. However I can proudly say i just brought home 3 #footclan titles and am likely to win the fourth. (Up by 63 heading into the last week. Also, never be in a league that has a double week playoff that includes week 17…not a good format) I was in football purgatory and ready to give up. But I stayed on the waiver wire, listened to the ballers, and crawled my way to a top three finish in all leagues. 4-0 in the championship games never tasted so sweet.

  4. Lady Luck smiled on me all the way to the end! Got big performances from Lamar and Devonta Freeman to win me the title! Playing Perriman for one week only didn't hurt. My opponent got big performances from Aaron Jones and Michael Thomas, but the Seattle injuries really hurt him (He had Chris Carson and Russell Wilson). Hey, I'll take the breaks wherever I can get them. Lots of luck involved, but winning the title feels great.

  5. #FootClanTitle
    Absolutely dominant performance by my team in the playoffs. Top score in week 14, 15 and 16.
    Lamar, Saquon, Thomas, and Kittle came up clutch when it mattered most. Sprinkled in some Breshad and a dollop of mostart.
    Thank you for providing the best content on fantasy and thank you for providing it in such a way that it’s enjoyable to listen to. You guys are the best!

  6. I beat a team that had Lamar Jackson and Saquan in Week 15, and then just put up 200 in the Championships (regular ppr scoring, 12 teams)

    My team:
    – Josh Allen/Ryan Tannehill (switched off each week)
    – Aaron Jones
    – Alvin Kamara
    – DeVante Adams
    – Stefon Diggs
    – Tyler Higbee
    – DeVante Parker
    – Indy D/ST
    – Yunghoe Koo ("I like kickers! They're the toughest!" – Taco)

  7. Just got the win last night!! Only way to lose it was for my opponent (who had Boone) to score 7 or more points. I won by 1.88 points for the championships.

    No Lamar Miller in the finals but my opponent had CMac, Lockett, Boone, Waller, Fournette, Tannehill, Perriman, Parker, and 49 D.

    I had Brees, Watson (thanks Jason!!), Hollywood, Kittle, Kamara, MG3, Miller, and Mostert with NE def.

  8. I lost by 2 points in my championship game in a 16team per league thanks to Aaron Jones best game of his life… but I want to thank you guys for all your ff knowledge and tips because I would've been a 1st time champion but I guess I have to experience the fantasy football heartbreak before I get to fantasy football glory, Ill be watching in the offseason!

  9. Started 0-5…finished 6-7 and made the playoffs by 12pts. Beat the 3rd seed then beat the 1st seed who was 12-1 (my brother lol) Then won it all against the 2nd seed! Don't know how I did it, but thanks Footclan (and Tannehill)!

  10. Started Winston and Fuller in my finals….almost gave up all hope until Sunday's performances from the rest of my team. Only to have have my opponent come within 5 pts with a guy still to play in MNF… Thank the Fantasy Gods it was Mike Boone!!! His 3.3 pts was poopy enough to give me the #footclantitle and has now become my favourite player of all time.

    Thanks for all the help this year, Ballers and Footclan. You are the best. WE DONE DID IT!!!!!

  11. THANKS FOR HELPING ME WIN YALL!!!!! We have a legit WWF Championship belt that i've been making videos with everyday and terrorizing my league 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Thanks for the advice! But at the end of the day, we had to make the tough decisions, but your help was just what I needed! SHOUT OUT TO LAMAR JACKSON!! lol

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