Coach Fangio on Drew Lock's performance in #DENvsHOU: 'He played, obviously, very well'

Head Coach Vic Fangio talks about the Broncos' win over Houston in quarterback Drew Lock's first road start, including safety Kareem Jackson's return to Houston and how the Broncos were rewarded for how hard they played.

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47 Responses

  1. Great young core to build on. Lock, Sutton, Fant, Lindsey, Risner on offense and Simmons, Jackson, Shelby Harris, Chubb on defense. Future is bright. Lock looking like Elway back there running the bootleg, scrambling to make a play and throwing side arm

  2. When you're top 1 trough 3 out of all 32 teams for having the most
    underlining potential as a team, synergy is the only factor
    that hasn't been there and without it nobody can see the true surface level of this team , today was what the Broncos look like when everything is in flow , nothing really out of place in this game. The play calls where great two

  3. Congratulations Coach Fangio: we started out 0-4 since then we NOW have an ABOVE 500 [5- 4 RECORD] that is something to celebrate especially since the OCoord is totally responsible to giving 5 of 12 almost 6/12 games away as of last week where a HC veto, PI & LONG McManus FG bailed us out… in this weeks episode in HOW NOT TO CLOSE OUT A GAME by SCAMGrrrrrr…..JELLO: Just when you thought the dude finally knew the deal & hence in late 3rd Qtr he rushes 6 times in a row taking a lofty 5 min off the clock & we are at the Houston 25 with at least 3 downs & 2 1/2 min of clock to burn to get easy FG to go to final Qtr 41- 10… he just can't do it… instead of continuing to RUSH eating rest of the 3rd Qtr & then taking the easy FG maybe even getting a rushing 1st down & taking time off clock in 4th qtr & a 45- 10 lead… SCAMGrrrrr….JELLO just has to dial up an unnecessary & counter productive deep strike & that causes the INT that then almost opens the door for a Texans Come back [Texans recovered an Onside Kick BTW!]…
    So this game may have been another diasater & in a tighter game against a better DEF & opponnent it will be ANOTHER game we lose in last seconds for failure to UNDERSTAND HOW FOOTBALL IS PLAYED… once you have that lead you run ball to take all time off clock you can kick easy FG's[If you get TD's rushing good for you bonus] = WIN GAME… he will NEVER LEARN… he is so stupid he doesn't know he is stupid & thinks he is a genius for NOT doing what is simple obvious & right there!
    Kudo's to the Oline… the Bolles penalty fortunately did NOT cost us a TD ultimately but I am now convinced we need to Trade Bolles while we can get a 2nd/3rd Rndr for him & move on.
    Drew was exceptionally impressive in this game- he threw with HIGH velocity into TIGHT WINDOWS & despite the Texans trying to pick off the ball [which resulted in LOTS OF YARDS after the Reception!]… he distributed the ball amongst 10 different receivers… awesome job… the INT & Sack I blame on play calling as do i the 24 unanswered points to end this game

  4. Vic is top 5 of the worse head coaches in nfl!! He don’t like lock never has that’s Elway pick!! Don’t get it twisted when he joked around of lock just playing ok he was serious playing it off as a joke!! Vic wanted Allen to be the man so bad lol Allen will never be starting quality!! Vic is clown!! If There wasn’t public pressure and Elway didn’t make Vic play Drew I promise we wouldn’t have seen Drew until preseason!! Vic is to dumb to be a head coach!! You will see he will be fired in a few seasons when we have all the right players and Drew is playing good but we are stuck as 1 playoff team! Then we will bring in someone that is smart enough to be a head coach and that’s when we will win another Super Bowl!!

  5. Agreed with Coach just in time for Buzz light-year, any sooner he doesn't look as good. But we need to tighten up our second half adjustment. Allot to clean up but a hell of allot more to be excited about, finally!!!!!! Let's go Broncos!!!

  6. Lock's improvement as a QB has been impressive. Each game he grows in leaps and bounds, not little at a time. His first preseason game (HOF game) he looked raw as steak tartar. Footwork and mechanics were pretty rough. The 2nd game he improved significantly. Then he gets injured, goes on IR. Then he gets his first start, looks much better than we saw in preseason, and then balls out against the Texans today. That's a pretty steep curve, going from a raw rookie to what we saw today. If he can keep that up, we might have our QB.

  7. First pick offense of lineman second pick strong safety third pick offense of lineman. Free agency: special teams and tight end. I don’t know much about a running game… I know it’s lacking though, but there’s probably nobody good enough for a first round pick

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