Drew Lock after loss to Chiefs: ‘We got our butts kicked today’

Quarterback Drew Lock meets with the media after Sunday’s game against the Chiefs to talk about playing at Arrowhead Stadium and what he’s going to learn from the game.

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50 Responses

  1. The Chiefs are a definite playoff team, but let's be real here. The weather conditions and our "blooper reel" made the Chief's D look far better than they are. With efforts like these, they guarantee losses every single time.

  2. We as Broncos fans deserve better than this. This was pathetic. We would do anything to keep the Broncos here in Denver (unlike other cities OAKLAND). We deserve better. We represent like a mf. All we want is some fight and heart in our team. Right now I'm not seeing that. Kansas City is a good team so I understand the loss. But 3 points? WTF?

  3. Elway in his Prime sucked in K.C.in the wind and snow too Drew..dial up the film..its alright..Coach Lindsay 7 carries 4.7 avg..then zero..on a snowy day..why give up like it's 12-3 game and make the kid throw 40 times..wierd..Also Kelcey let free off line ..no jam.wierd..he kills us and is let free no contact.dummy up..

  4. Drew will be fine with time. But there are too many players on this team that don't give a shit whether they win week to week or not. Von cares, Courtland cares, Lock cares, and maybe a few more but apparently Elways doesn't give a shit because he keeps doing NOTHING to bring in a decent OL. We have an OL HOF coach and even he can't get that POS OL to perform.Lock will be good in time, or time will tell. He's still a pup so he's got time but the OL is the worst in all of football and Elway with his sorry ass continues to bring in these expensive OL men who never seem to play. Like that loser from Miami we picked up in the off season and Leery who hasn't played in 10 games in three years because he's always nursing his injuries. Its a G' damn shame Elway can't see it and won't do anything about it. All the coaches just stood there in the snow yesterday getting beat on every down looking stupid and defeated. Incapable of making game time changes to help the team.

  5. Im a chiefs fan. But i will say this. Drew lock is a very good qb. He has a very good future. I know he was a chiefs fan growing up. But u know wht in the nfl its business and u how too win games against anybody and everrybody. He is very positive and he shows good leadership as a qb. Its a good fit for the broncos.

  6. The Denver Post was all gloom and doom about the loss, in KC and about the quarterback. Considering that the Broncos have not beaten KC for a long time and have very few victories in KC, including even Elway. Drew is being honest, not his best game but hell, it was only his third professional game.

  7. Drew, just know that Broncos Country is here to support you through thick and thin. You've given us more hope the past few weeks than we've had the past few years. I'm excited to watch you grow and be our QB of the future.

  8. That was his third game in the NFL? …and he played in Arrowhead …in December. Give the guy a break. He's going to be a great QB for Denver. I hate to say it, but he's going to beat KC several times in his career.

  9. We will be okay as time passes. Needs IMHO:

    – O and D lineman
    – linebackers
    – another good RB or two….
    – ditto on wide receivers
    -players who can excel on special teams
    – secondary/ DB talent also..we need speed!!

    In short, build on the young talent, and trade away the guys who used to be good.

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