Von Miller: 'I’m not losing hope' after #DENvsKC

After the Broncos' 23-3 loss to the Chiefs, Von Miller speaks with the media about his frustrations.

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49 Responses

  1. I honestly can’t wait till Travis kelce and Andy Reid and mahomes get out of kc because at this rate I don’t know if this division is even fairly distributed like come on where’s the competition horrible


  3. Von is frustrated..from Super Bowl Champion MVP to Pedestrian Type Player..Chubb will take over 🌟 from Von next yr..Shaq has more sacks and that hurts his ego too.I say next yr.Von and Chubb will destroy and yes..Broncos will win close game's we lost this yr.

  4. Now you guys know how we felt all those years you guys were running us. Lock looks decent enough though to get you guys back. We're rivals and I've passionately hated you guys at times but I do like it when the AFC West is running everything. A lot of us KC fans like Miller and I personally feel bummed seeing him like this. It's kind of how Derrick Thomas felt when we crashed.

  5. Players even Von are hurt. The team is pulling players from the practice squad. The penalty’s are insane. I see a yellow flag, and I know it’s ours. Manning didn’t win all them games for SB 50! Team effort wins games other players step up and make plays. We have some talent but as I’ve said for years… the O/Line is horrible for 4 years straight. We draft way to high to find talent dig deep in the draft. Sit players who will stay and start seeing what we do have on the team. I’m a Broncos fan not a player fan cut who ever it takes to win again.

  6. Its all about next season.
    Until chubb got injured,he was out playing Von.
    Von is not a spring chicken anymore and it hurts him. Fix the O line,protect the QB.
    Also a couple or 3 on the D line could do with being replaced. 2020 is the year to see how good we can be.

  7. We are 3×SB champion 5×pro bowl. We we're 1# defense 2016, after that we got new guy who have talent but we godda stop depending on only one good player. Rather we get rid of the players who dont wanna be here nor win games/super bowl idk what to tell you harries and von are one of the best players, and we Just have to wait 2020 is our year got to focus.

  8. I've been a Chiefs fan and going to Arrowhead since I was about 8. Denver is a division rival, but you have a lot of guys who are impossible to dislike. Von Miller is one of my favorite players in the league. Drew Lock is going to be a solid franchise quarterback for you, too. This Denver team is going 10-6 or better next year. The Raiders are improving too. If San Diego would cut Old Man Rivers, the AFC West would be ridiculous.

  9. Von was incredible just several seasons ago, but I really think his window closed in terms of being a dominant player. It happens, players get old.

    I have been a Bronco fan since 1978 and great players come and go and Denver needs to keep drafting youth and count on them for future greatness. Mecklenburg, Atwater, Baily, Miller…..time catches them and turns them into average players. Von surely has to get that, right now, Denver has has some really good talent, but mostly it is the young talent. Sorry, but the team needs to cut ties with older players from the recent SB era and move on.

  10. Next year. Its all about next year now. Lets roll with Lock and actively go after OL and DBs this offseason. Thats whats missing. Thats also what was missing last season. We tried to address both those spots and got screwed with injuries right back to where we started. Bolles and Yiadom are terrible, Wilkinson is ok but not ready yet, Harris is showing his age… If we get James, Leary, Bausby, Chubb, Wolfe, and Callahan healthy (and they stay relatively healthy for a few minutes) we probably only need a Corner and a Tackle to put together a decent team next season. But when we are 8 players short of a starting caliber 22… well we get what we got.

  11. Yo von take a look at the man in the mirror bro..how many sacks you have this year??? How many QB hits? How many strip sacks you have this year??? Seems like he set his cruise control and kicked them feet up..idk if he thought since he had Chubb on the other side he could just take it easy or what but I haven't seen any fire out of von this year before or after Chubb got hurt heck this is the most fire I've seen out of him all season and it's during a press conference like smh 😬. I'd be surprised if him or Chris Harris was back next season hurts to say but yeah. We never should of gotten rid of Shaq Barret #48 now that dude plays with fire every snap 🔥

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