The Philadelphia Sixers lose to the Toronto Raptors AGAIN in their building to keep the regular season losing streak alive. Joel Embiid did not score one point. You did not read that wrong. He was held scoreless. Toronto double teamed him every single time he touched the ball. With that being said, the Sixers had the chance to win, but the Raptors closed the game out with a 10-0 run. Ben Simmons had a costly turnover trying to hit Tobias Harris behind the defense on a very important possession. He had 14 assists, but recorded seven turnovers as well. With 6 seconds left, Simmons jacked up a turn-around three from super deep not understanding he could of made a smarter play. Josh Richardson continued to his strong play and Tobias did well also. This game goes on Embiid and Simmons. Pascal Siakam had a monster three-point play to take the lead in the fourth down the stretch. Fred Van-Vleet stepped up without Kyle Lowry in the lineup.
Record: 11-6

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50 Responses

  1. Hahahah you know was it was, he was remembering that cry. That cry on Marcs shoulder, and the tears falling down his shit talking face. Lol Toronto is in his head like LeBron was in ours a few years ago. Lol the big man with big talk had nothing to say last night, and we didn't have our full team healthy!! I love it.

  2. They need to get rid of everybody (plus Bret Brown) on our team except for the following players:

    Josh Richardson
    Al Horford
    Matisse Thybule
    James Ennis
    Trey Burke
    Furkan Korkmaz
    Marial Shayok
    Norvel Pelle
    Mike Scott

    Anybody not on that list, they need to trade or just let go off NOW, with priority PLEASE. I'm sick and tired (as a Season Ticket Holder) of losing games like this ! We are not elite at all with JoJo, Ben, and Toby in the lineup !! We would be 14-3 (at worst) now if they were replaced by Damian Lillard, Marc Gasol, and a pair of used sneaks, NOT 11-6 !!! And yes, regular season winning percentage means everything to me, you peon Suxers staff !!!!

  3. Why did Elton Brand let JJ Riddick go? JJ would have lit up the score board with 3s and the Sixers would have won the game. Elton Brand has the team he wanted, all defense and no outside shooting. Elton let all the shooters leave. I hope Elton is happy because I'm not. Elton took away all that Brett built up and relied up. Now Brett has to talk about finding a bomber. What? A bomber. You had one of the best snipers in the league and for 25 million for two year he signed with the Pelicans on the first eligible day. Clearly, Elton had no interest in JJ. I mean none even though JJ told the Sixers he wanted to stay. Elton should be fired, now. The Sixers never draft out side shooters, 3 point shooters. The Sixers deserved to lose that game. And Ben dribbles into the point and turns around and pass behind him multiple times. Shoot the damn ball. Every body was missing the hoop, just shoot the ball like he did in the summer games. The bench is horrible. Toronto loses Kawhi and they have not missed a beat. Elton must go not Brett. Josh Harris must be sick to his stomach. He was willing to go over the luxury tax because he saw last year's team as a bounce away to advancing. Now this team as constructed is a regressive team. DAMN. Elton is a dumb a$$.

  4. You got a good show and this is coming from a raps fan, I know you talked a little about the raps but I'd like to see you cover the away team a little more, especially the raps, could care less about other teams lol

  5. Tough loss, this was a revenge game, but the disgusting part is that Joel Embiid had 32 minutes and absolutely 0 points, terrible, Richardson still scoring a lot of points with 25, this was a winnable game as every game, let's just please beat the Kings.

  6. Brodes, as a Rap fan I like watching your vids. I understand that you have to be hard on your team but the Raptors are probably the best defensive team in the league and they have not lost 32 consecutive games at home on the regular season.

  7. You give waaaaay too much of a break to Brett Brown . I thinlk it's obvious that this team needs a different coach! Also I hate Simmons' drive into the defense and turn around…my junior high school coach would be horrified. Embiid just had a terrible night c'mon. Korkmaz plays way too much at the wrong times, why… his defense is probobly not professional basketball quality. He gets beat everytime down the floor and this is yet another reason I hate Brett Brown. He falls in love with these project guys like Covington, Mcconnell, and now Korkmaz. Smh!!!

  8. Is the trip to Toronto that bad? Visiting teams seem to struggle alot. But back to say we'll see the team come together in January. These are the struggles I actually want the team to go through early on. All learning experiences.

  9. Listen man don’t feel bad. Even though the Raptors are the reigning champs and all the credit has been given to Kawhi, most people watching the NBA are really uninformed as to how good this Raptor team really is. They have an excellent underrated GM in Masai Ugiri and an even more underrated coach in Nick Nurse. They are a dynamic duo that has changed the culture and mindset of this team. This is now a hard nosed defense first basketball club. There are actually NBA Analysts with tv shows and podcasts who are actually saying that the Raptors won’t even make the playoffs because Kawhi is gone! 🤣🤣🤣
    And these specialists get paid thousands to millions for their analysis of the game? They don’t even know what they’re talking about and they will say it’s because the Raptors are in Canada and they don’t see them play. Raptors are part of the NBA. As long as you have cable you can see them play. It’s your job. So we have the analysts that don’t know what they’re talking about feeding the sheep of the NBA that are grazing on the information they put out. FYI, The Raptors have been disrupting most teams they have faced this year and doing it without 2 of their stars. They are a very well coached, defense first TEAM! They play as a team and not a bunch of over payed individuals. When Kawhi played against them he couldn’t score until the 3rd quarter. He only scored 12 points and had a record 9 turnovers. Raptors disrupted Lebron and he had his worst game of the years s could only score 13 points. Anthony Davis was neutralized as well and Danny Green scored ZERO POINTS.
    When Raptors played Portland Dame Lillard only scored 9 POINTS!! 2 for 12 FG’s. And now the latest casualty in the Raptor carnage. Joel Embiid best big man in the game says the NBA Analysts and Embiid himself. Lays an egg in his first game back to Toronto since the night he left here crying to his girl like a little baby!! He has never had a game where he has not scored in his ENTIRE CAREER!!🤣🤣🤣 Time to wake up y’all, Raptors doing this to everyone.

    I hope the NBA keeps sleeping on The Raptors. The disrespect has them playing with a chip on their shoulder and has awoken the beast. Don’t be surprised you see them in the finals.

  10. Toronto doesn't need Kawhi Leonard to beat Philly though. Forget mentioning that anymore. The team has shown they are perfectly fine without him and the injured players they have right now. Imagine if Lowry and Ibaka were playing. Philly would've got torched.

  11. From a Raps fan, your podcast is really entertaining, though I only really watch it after my team wins. Good to see you back again. All the best to your Sixers see you again deep in the playoffs hopefully 👊

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