Tomlin: 'Duck will be our quarterback again this week' | Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach Tomlin addresses the media about the win over the Browns, Devlin Hodges' being chosen as the starting quarterback, the Cardinals' offense and defense and more.

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50 Responses

  1. I hope this sends a message to the greed we've seen in recent years with the hold outs and what not. Pittsburgh has been winning games without rock stars. For those skill position guys that say they "got to be paid" Pittsburgh says "Hey there is a long list of men that want to do your job, you want to sit out ? Okay..Next man up". Go Steelers !!

  2. Great job Coach T. Shout out to Snell and Washington for great performances. As usual, shout out to our dynamite Defense. A special shout out to the Duck. Great job in the pocket Hodges. Keep going. Steeler Nation from California and the Burgh.

  3. At The Beginning Of The Season I Said That The Steelers Are On Their Way To A Legendary Defense! Imagine If They Still Had Tuit And Sean Davis Was Playing The 3rd Safety Stop ! They Have To Bring Them All Back Including Davis Next Year As The 3rd Safety In Subpackage To Give Ben A Shot To Win 1 More Superbowl

  4. Bout time coach T gets some recognition. Past few years we haven’t been able to win the important games but now that everyone got to see how much this man dealt with dealing with AB. Those people who were talking about him being on the hot seat where you at now mfs

  5. Man Tomlin is a super respectful man. Not only does he not answer questions that are as professional as possible, but he constantly respects the other team even with the whole Garrett situation not commenting on questions regarding and just focuses on the next game and not looking at the big picture. This is why I respect Tomlin because he looks at just the next game instead of overall season. Also for those saying he doesn’t deserve coach of the year because of his past and that he can’t score at the one yard line, people don’t realize that there are different coaches for different player roles. Tomlin as head coach is in charge of over seeing everything g and making sure that overall, everything runs smoothly. The O line coach is the one to blame for most of the offense because it is his only job to make sure the offense works. Same with defensive coach, the defensive coach desires what plays to use and how to run the plays. If anything the O line coach is to blame for the offense lacking big plays first then Tomlin is next to blame for maki g calls regarding the game like challenges, making small adjustments in game, somewhat creating new plays with the other coaches. Pretty much everything runs through him on what plays to alternate during the game, it is the Offensive coaches decision on what plays to actually run as well as the quarterback. Same goes for defense. Also you do have to realize the odds against Tomlin and still clenching a wild card spot when having an 0-3 start meaning they have won 7 other games with a positive record with all odds against him. I’m just done with people having in Tomlin when they do t even know how a team actually runs, like do your research on how a football team runs before going straight for the head coach whose job is just overseeing everything g and having the final say in last minute decisions which you can have the perfect play, it just takes a couple missteps and miscommunication to mess it up. And people who claim they are fans of the Steelers say fire Tomlin do this do that, when a true loyal fan stands by the team they are fans of in good times and in bad.

  6. This is a coaching Jo for the ages, when you look all those first round picks on defense and the best offensive line in the league , it is so exciting how Mike has put the pieces together , watching us win with defense and mistake free football I all

  7. You’d have to be smokin quack to start Rudolph the dead cold reindeer! Duck carries himself well on the field, if they make the playoffs (which means they win out and beat Baltimore in week 17), Coach Tomlin deserves coach of the year!

  8. As a Browns fan, this speech makes me envy intelligent coaches. Speaking 8 minutes of praise without pause, constantly saying the right things, not discussing T-shirts and how they may or may not impact the team. Fred should be taking notes.

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