Tom Brady is lost without Rob Gronkowski - Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears discuss whether Tom Brady is lost without former TE Rob Gronkowski now that the deadline has passed for Gronk to return to the New England Patriots this season.
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50 Responses

  1. Brady played without gronk plenty while gronk was injured. He just needs a not injured offense, they got a practice squad tight end, sanu been hurt, edleman been hurt, AB and josh gordan gone, starting center gone at the beggining of season, isiah wynn hurt, weak at RB's, thats every position hurt/weak except QB (and there were rumors brady's thoriwng elbow was hurt)

  2. ]
    Steven A Smith thank you for not being Max the Hater!!! I know your a Rodgers guy and as far as throwing that football there has being no one better and i live a half hour from Gillette Stadium! I thank you sir for speaking the truth about TOM!! Your a good christian man like myself!! GBY My Brother….

  3. Patriots still winning the AFC and going to the Super Bowl. Don't get it twisted!!! Everyone hates on the Patriots all season, then be bitching about them cheating because they won the Super Bowl lol… I don't even get hyped up about teams anymore. They hyped up the Chiefs last year and all I hear this year is excuses for why the Chiefs lost lol….

  4. Brady is still throwing Rockets to Edelman and Still got the Mobility in the Pocket, Theres no decline physically, stop trying to push these Narratives. Give Brady Phillip Rivers weapons, He’d Be lighting it up, Commonnnn ESPN.

  5. How is he cool under pressure? 6 super bowls, 3 won by a last second field goal, 1 won by poor play calling by Pete Caroll, and 2 saved by a Defensive play. Record setting regular season scoring, comes to a stop in the post season, and come the super bowl, he barely scores at all. He chokes every post season, it's Bellicheck that's cool under pressure, not Tom Brady

  6. Max might be a Brady hater to an extent, but he is right right now. That is why Stephen A and Marcus are so worked up. Brady fans and New England fans are making excuses for him this season. I get it, he is the greatest QB ever. But everyones time comes up at some point and it’s closer than ever.
    As for the weapons argument, this is still not near the worst offense he has ever played with and has managed to make them great in the past. So it’s either admitting Brady isn’t good right now and that he needs top tier players to stay at a great level, or try to find more excuses.

  7. I'm not a Patriots fan but hasn't max said the same thing the past 5 years? How brady has lost it and won't ever win a super bowl etc and he just keeps winning so idk why max is still hating on the guy

  8. Give tom a year with these receivers they would be fine but he hasn't, the receivers he thought he would have are gone. Even the receivers he has now have come back from injury and dont know the offense. If your o-line isn't giving you time , your receivers cant separate, and dont run the correct route what do you do? Who can you insert that will do well with these offensive players in the circumstance? No one. No one is going to do well with it. Even if tom could run what's he going to do run for 350 yds and 4 TDs? No. It's not necessarily a talent issue , there is talent. Dorset is fast, Edelman is tuff as nails and consistent. Myers has potential. Harry has raw talent. White is a smart , good route runner. But chemistry is a big deal in football. It's not basketball where the shear talent of one player can be enough to make up for the lack of chemistry. You need to know the routes , you need time together, and these guys are young , they aren't vets.

  9. Max is an idiot. First off, Brady won a Super Bowl when Gronk was hurt. So he didn't need Gronk. But he is missing Gronk, Hogan, Amendola, etc….. The new receivers are nice but they are still playing nervous. Not to mention the players on the O-line. Max is just trying to win more time at the bbq by always woke-attacking the face of what he thinks is NFL white privilege, Tom Brady.

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