Carson Wentz is asked to do more than Nick Foles ever was - Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dan Orlovsky debate whether QB Carson Wentz or head coach Doug Pederson is to blame for the Philadelphia Eagles' struggles this season.
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50 Responses

  1. Read this if you have a brain.
    All I will say is this. The last time we saw Wentz with a healthy squad, he was the MVP frontrunner.

    Now we have seen Wentz performance drop each time he lost a receiver. They are asking him to get wins with no deep threat, and receivers who cant get separation and when they do they drop the ball. Yes he misses throws but every QB in the leagues misses throws, we are just keying in on him because he got a big contract. The eagles need to run the ball more but the coach is too dumb to do that. Carson Wentz is the reason they are losing if you are a Cowboys fan who believes Dak is better (6-6 btw) or a person like max who chooses to ignore the stats just to prove a point(HE LOVES DATA ANALYTICS BTW). Only morons could look at the Dolphins game and beleive that Carson Wentz lost them the game. NO ONE HAS BROUGHT UP THAT JALEN MILLS SHOULD BE CUT. QBs are supposed to score points but defenses are also supposed to not allow receivers to have career games against them.

    NOW, the last time we saw Nick foles with Eagles, he was leading this team through the playoffs and winning games when they either had home field advantage, a full healthy squad, or had offensive play calling that actually made sense. Now look at him on every other team he has been on, absolute garbage. Can't make plays, cant make decisions and now he is benched for the remainder of the year. And dont blame it on injuries because he was on two other teams and failed.

  2. Carson Wentz = Andy Dalton with questionable leadership intangibles. That is harsh for someone the NFL media preordained part of the next "ELITE QB" crop with Goff and Mayfield to replace Manning, Brady and Brees.

    The NFL media is trying to blame anyone BUT Wentz. Why?! Because they never thought in 1M years that through week 13 the top 5 QB's would be Jackson, Mahomes, Prescott, Wilson and Watson. They wanted him to take the mantle that Luck surrendered when he retired. Goff….they love Goff. But they love McVay too. So they have protected both with their silence. Baker has been a dumpster fire but everyone else from Kitchens, Odell, front office, O-line, defense has been to blame…except Baker. Because like Wentz they are PROTECTING him!

  3. Everyone is like we don’t know if we would’ve won the super bowl with wentz but how do u know that we would’ve gotten to the playoffs then the super bowl with foles y’all must not realize that he had everything handed to him home field advantage,11-2 record,top run game, top o-line and not to mention a fired up team who wanted to win. Also if I was in foles position after what wentz did to get this team here I would be pissed off at myself if I didn’t go win a super bowl for this team after what wentz did

  4. I'm a Rams Homer but the Eagles team dynamic with Foles was so different, them boys were upbeat and loose. It was clear they'd go to battle for Nicky Foles, not Carson….Eagles should've traded Wentz when he was worth something…now he's damaged goods….i

  5. It’s simple. Nick Foles played with the Eagles Roster at its healthiest and they formed a game plan to play to his strengths. Carson Wentz is being asked to play at an MVP level with a roster that is depleted and underperforming and if he doesn’t do It week in and week out then everyone is gonna say they need to trade him and get back Nick Foles because Nick Foles played 2 good games and is now the new Aaron Rodgers of the NFL.

  6. A quarterback is only as successful as his teammates make him four years in Philadelphia we complain about the wide receivers at Donovan McNabb played with but they were always successful Dan pastorini Marino and Phelps all had great wide receivers were never won anything could it be something about the name Dan but these are the same wide receivers basically that won the Superbowl for Philadelphia and they're not performing to that level so the quarterback gets the blame

  7. Lol yea max got killed on this one.. we’re bad all over the board, if foles was here we would be begging for Gardner Minshew GTFOH 😂 then he said “how come you catch it when foles throws it and not Carson” so you think they are dropping the passes on purpose? Lol come on mannnnnn

  8. Carson is asked ONE THING: Get rid of the football STOP taking stupidly unnecessary SACKS!!!

    Carson Wentz got hurt on Pederson's STUPIDITY!!! Peterson runs Wentz on a QB sneak when he had healthy rushers to use.

    Nick Foles KNOWS the Andy Reid/Doug Pederson offensive system.

    Guys responded better to Foles quick releases & they hustled for Nick.

    Wentz is so busy trying to prove that he has control that he bogs down the system!!!

    To Molly's question: Nick doesn't know the Jaguars system, he hasn't had the time to work with it. I know Nick is disappointed that he's not behind center with the Eagles.

    Doug Pederson is an Andy Reid CLONE. Same philosophy, same locker room demeanor.

    He caught lightning in a bottle with the Super Bowl season because Nick Foles is a GAMER!!!

    It was Nick Foles who suggested the Philly Special, Pederson went with it because he had no play to use!!!

    Our defense suffers because Pederson has never learned how to build a defense. Andy couldn't teach that because Andy never knew that.

  9. Bc foles ran the same play every game, Nick foles ran rpo's all day which tells nick exactly where to throw the ball. Wentz has to actually read the entire defense hint hint why Jacksonville runs nearly zero rpos and Foles got benched 😂😂😂. Foles could never read defenses.

  10. We should've never gotten rid of Sean McDermitt. He was JIM JOHNSON'S PROTEGE!!!

    At the very least Pederson could at least go back and study the tapes of the JIM JOHNSON & BUDDY RYAN DEFENSES & bring in an appropriate D.C.!!!

    This Eagles team needs a boost from the coaching staff, if they can't provide it, Lurie needs to get a NEW HEAD COACH.

    Do we REALLY want to endure another 15 years of swing & miss???

    I like Doug, but he's made mistakes that are costing us. Should we continue to let a blind man drive the bus???

  11. The evidence suggests that all Wentz needs to perform at an MVP level is a deep threat and a moderately good run game. In 2017 he had Tory Smith to take the top off the defense, and their offense was hot all year. In 2018 he didn't have a speed receiver period, and he still played pretty well all things considered. In the first game with DeSean Jackson in the lineup he threw 3 TD passes, 2 to Jackson deep. Taking away that deep threat neuters the Eagles offense. Defenses aren't afraid of Alshon Jeffrey beating them deep, and that makes it much harder to complete short and mid range passes, because there's no consequences for biting on those routes.

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