Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers Week 8 Review!

Hey guys in today's video we are talking about the latest going on with the Tampa bay buccaneers! The Buccaneers are always busy trying to better their team and I've got you covered on all of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news and buccaneers discussion here on youtube! I hope that you guys all enjoyed and I hope to keep on talking about the Bucs for many more videos! go bucs and I hope you enjoyed!

James (MrBucsNation, mr bucs nation)

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50 Responses

  1. This team will always suck as long the little Glazer Children are in charge. People can blame the Horrid Refs, and in that ONE Incident they would be correct, but that is like complaining about a Doctor giving you an extra shot when you have 5 different STDs. Con Men around the NFL know if they want a lot of money without having to put forth ANY results go to Tampa, because the Fools in Charge will hire you. Think of ALL the Bums, both coaches and players over the last 10 years that came here to Collect a Paycheck and grab a Tan! Want proof See the Current GM who just got an extension, for being WORSE than the previous GM.

    You cant blame the Refs for players and coaches who are mentally weak. Think on all the Penalties, Delay of Games, Miscommunications, Players Tackling their own Teammates because the QB doesnt know when to snap the ball, A Center who also does not know when to snap the ball. (Seriously think on that, in ONE game both the Center and Quarterback on two different plays did not know when to snap the ball, in game 7 of a Pro Football Season!!!).

    You cannot blame the refs for a 4th and 1 play that had the two minute warning to give coaches all the time in the world to come up with a Good Play, what we got was a RB Draw up the middle out of a Shotgun formation. Genius, I wish I could have thought of that, on second thought No I Do Not!!

    If anyone give one cent to the Children in charge you are enabling this Losing Culture.

  2. We were the better team. Stop turning the ball over! Also, I am sick and tired of refs determining a game. They sucked in the gb and lions game 3 weeks ago and they sucked this game. Yes we do have to clean things up as a team. This game hurt!! I hope this game helps/sparks our team next week to go off!!

  3. James, Winston struggled again. I don't care if Coach says he played his ass off, he still was not playing like a Starting NFL caliber QB. I think it is time for Griffin to get a shot. We have had this guy for how many years? Never played in a single regular-season game. What do we have to lose? Also, I know White had a fumble, but seriously, he was the #5 NFL pick in the draft and I cannot be the only person who thinks his production is sad. We are 2-5, does anyone think we are going to have a winning season this year? I hate to say it but we wasted this Draft Class, and our best pick was the Kicker. I am sick of it.

  4. I think this is a perfect time to Honor the Greatest Buc Ever. Malcolm Glazer. With Culverhouse and the little Glazer Children, Buc fan have had to endure the Worst Pro Sports Team in Human History. Malcolm was in charge of the Bucs from 1996-2006, here is the Bucs record.
    93-83 (4-4 in Playoffs, 1-0 is Super Bowl)
    Under Culverhouse and the Glazer kids (76-95, 07-19), here is the Bucs record.
    169-337-1 (15 in Playoffs)

    In the 32 Years of Bucs football that Malcolm was not running things, they have 23 Years with 10 or more losses. Soon to be 24 of 33.
    Though this sums up what being a Bucs fan is all about. The Greatest Period of Bucs football was a 11 year window where they were 10 games above .500.

  5. Did anyone watch how much pressure Rogers under tonight? He was having guys after him ALL NIGHT but that's what a real qb does under fire all night. At this point the more Ls Tampa gets the higher the draft pick for Winston's replacement. Some people say the fumble late wasn't Winston fault, Smith let him get hit.. blag blah blah. Other QBs get hit and dont fumble as much as Winston. He's fumbled over 40 times in his career. Only lost 18. Again OTHER QBs get hit, sacked and hold on to the ball WAY MORE THEN WINSTON. Ball hit him in the God damn face and he lost it, couldn't even fall on it. Looked like a toddler going after it. BA and so many keep saying it's not his fault, it's not his fault. Sounds like a lawyer on a reoccurring criminal. I do care if he plays good at drives in game, he also looks horrible at time and he pit them in a hole too often. Can't wait until he's off this team and they can start over. Tampa clearly shows they got offensive talent. And back to Winston. Do you think it would ever occur to him to just get the ball out of his hands faster? Hes always looking waaay down field first. Hit your fu%king check down. Hes ALWAYS looking for that 10 plus yard pass. Hey, they are bringing the heat and getting to you. Get it out of you hands! Smh. As I said at this point. The more Ls mean high pick in 2020 and hopefully Joe Burrows.

  6. The big people don’t care about this team , They hires Licht betting on what he did in New England , But the whole time it was Bill and Brady , Bill is a mastermind , I don’t care who the gm is for the pats now I know it’s Bill anybody can be anybody , look at they players and how much money that spend , if we gonna play like this let the players on this team like Lavonte and Mike and Godwin , Brate , and oj go who bust they ass for this team Bruce may be a good coach but his staff lacks , the talent lacks just bad draft picks bad free agent signings over and over , I would hope change is gonna come but we have Jason L a extension , I’m a fan for life and I want to win but management not trying and we was leaving effort and losing I would respect it like the browns , they don’t care and I’m losing interest

  7. "The result of this matchup perfectly encapsulated the personalities of each team, with the opportunistic Titans overcoming a distinct deficit in net yards (389-246) and first downs (23-16) by taking advantage of a mistake-prone opponent. No quarterback puts his defense in more compromising positions than Jameis Winston, who plays with a distinctive brazen, slapdash style that keeps both teams in the game."

    Dont believe me? That's what NFL.com wrote about Winston in a clip. Couldn't be more true.

  8. Positive: Mike Evans and Chris Godwin both balled out

    Negative: same story different week the bucs couldn't finish it off and get the W due to costly mistakes. I know its Santa Claus A.K.A Bruce Arians first season but if this keeps up and he doesn't draft a new quarterback this offseason he shouldn't make it to the 2020 season and he should be shown the door with Jason Bonehead licht. Because all Bruce Arians has done is make excuse after excuse he like crablegs Winston never takes accountable and he's always sticking up for a quarterback he knows sucks and can't be fixed. So, the hell with it considering this season is over for the bucs and there's no chance of them having a winning record and making the playoffs they should just tank the rest of the damn season and get a top 5 no the #1 pick and have the pick of the litter in next year's quarterback draft class and considering Bruce Arians has a hard on for LSU'S quarterback Joe Burrow what the hell he should be their pick and the new face of the franchise of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Either way one thing is for sure crablegs Winston is like a fully cooked steak stick a fork in him because he's done as the bucs starting quarterback after this season. Don't like it, i really don't give a damn because the truth hurts especially sensitive ass pansy's who defend a bum like crablegs Winston. #TANKFORBURROW

  9. The play with Perriman running into Dare could be a bad cadence by Winston. Either Perriman was lazy in the motion or Winston hurried the cadence too fast. If I had to bet on it though I'd say it was a bad cadence by Winston. Either way it was embarrassing for sure.

  10. We lost this game cuz the talent around Jameis Winston is it stepping up. Donovan Smith is getting beat on the regular. Receivers are running that route.. corners on Covenant eyes act like you don't know how to do their jobs. You can't win like that. And everybody blames Jameis Winston.

  11. And that call on that fake field goal ridiculous. He blew the whistle before the guy even got damn well hit. Ridiculous that cost us the game. Everything was bad and we even do this and we didn't do that. But the cheating referees is why we lost this game point blank. that cannot happen in the game no. if the NFL don't fix this this is a serious problem. my girl's a lions fan the last week was the same crap. this is not good for the game.

  12. Thanks for doing the live stream during the game James here in Texas I wasn't able to watch the game or listen to it on my app so your channel was my only access enjoyed it even though the outcome wasn't what we wanted thanks for making videos keep it up

  13. I’m in a glass case of emotions man we have had underperforming linemen and just keep them for years and wonder why we don’t improve VH3 needs to dip Scotty Miller is trash Byron leftwitch and crab Legs suck let’s try RG4 we should try OJ in the slot cuz we don’t have a 3WR cuz we didn’t wanna pay Adam we need OT Didn’t Dotson play for the pats? There was a reason he was let go AND ROJO NEEDS TO START but let’s hope for the best see y’all next week #GoBucs

  14. I'm not really mad anymore 😂. It's kind of expected these days. This franchise definitely has some kind of curse placed on it. I think Chucky flew to some jungle in a place none of us has ever heard of and got a crazy witch doctor to curse us.

  15. Things changed since after the win against LAR. 1.defensive scheme changed 2 less of RoJo touch’s 3 Sack BARRET not a factor. this past game BA showed lack of trust towards offense in 3rd qtr on 4-1 situations and the damn zebras bad calls

  16. Lets be honest. We all had Tampa Winning this game and losing in Seattle. I really think Tampa is going to go to Seattle with an attitude and really play well. If that happens we are sorta back in it with a light schedule the rest of the way. I know alot of people are down but dammit i want this team to play to its potential and win some games. I am tired of draft talk in October with this team and i really thought this year was going to be different.

  17. By the looks of things & the sound of your you never played football a day in your life. So why the fuck should we take any advice for you, you have a podcast coming live from your bedroom😣😣😂😂😂😂😂😤😤😤. Get The Fuck Outta Here.

  18. Not sure where to start with this. Perriman should be traded;RoJo needs more opportunities; good to see a play from Special Teams – TJ. Surprised at Arians defense of Jameis. I don't think we should trade away a lot of our talent – relying on the draft too much has not worked for us why would that change ? Referees a joke – would these things happen to the Packers, Patriots etc ?

  19. The Perriman-Ogunbawale collision was even funnier when I saw it on film. Man you can't make that stuff up. Sandwich's play calling needs to get better. Either get more creative on 4th downs or stop going for them.
    Defense is ok. They're play sounded worse but when I watched highlights they looked ok. The front 4 look good. The linebackers look frozen on most plays. White literally looks lost on most plays. The secondary is improving but still can't come up with big plays. Davis did get 2 picks but penalties nullified both.
    If they can get pressure on Wilson like they did Allen and get some turnovers the Bucs might have a chance to win. If Winston doesn't turn it over and if Sandwich can call plays that don't have players running into each other we could win up there.
    Lastly. I don't know why zero moves were made before the trade deadline. But after this Sunday we'll either be looking at what could've been and watching where we draft in 2020 or we'll be holding onto slim playoff hopes. We'll see. Will be interesting to see how Arians reacts if the Bucs fall to 2-6. They'd have to win all their games to have a reasonable shot at the playoffs. Even more interesting is if they fall to 2-7. What will Arians say then? But let's hope that doesn't happen.

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