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In my latest video breakdown, I wanted to look at Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and see why Godwin has emerged as the featured target in the Buccaneers offense. I looked at play-calling, the skill sets of the respective receivers, and I looked at defensive trends in this video. From my analysis, I think how they are used when they face predominantly man versus predominantly zone coverage defenses is one of the big reasons for this. Hope you enjoy it!

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24 Responses

  1. All: I'd like to apologise for the lack of videos over the past few weeks. I've been very busy in my personal life – final exams in my MBA program (FML) that I was studying for. I hope you enjoy this one and going forward I should be more consistent!

  2. Hi Samuel I really learn a lot from your videos. Can you tell me where I might be able to find a team breakdown of man vs zone percentages they run. I have searched and found some old information but nothing current. Thanks for taking the time to put out videos.

  3. I watch all the bucs games and mike evans plays really scared over the middle of the field and it even leads to drops. I think he's afraid of getting lit up, while Godwin is comfortable catching the ball in front of the safeties.

  4. Hey, Sam! Fantastic work as usual. I know you tend to watch a lot of Seahawks games. Do you plan on making a fully dedicated video on Brian Schottenheimer’s scheme and whether it ultimately hinders or elevates Russell Wilson’s talent? It’s a very contentious debate within the Seahawks fanbase and your input would be extremely valuable

  5. It's simple Evan's gets double covered and the Buccaneers have been decent at running the ball this year so defenses have to respect that. Chris was the steal of the draft and I said it that year. He gets one on one in coverage and he is a great athlete. He is 6.1 215 pounds and he rand a 4.4.2 forty the same Fort time Pery Harvin ran when he came out of Florida, the only difference is Chris is a big WO who can also catch 50 50 balls going up high for the catch.

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