Brian Westbrook: This is why Russell Wilson is the front-runner for MVP now

Brian Westbrook: This is why Russell Wilson is the front-runner for MVP now

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  1. It drives me crazy when everyone is quick to say Russell Wilson can't do what Aaron Rodgers does.
    I have said for years that not only has Wilson been better on the high school and college levels but that Rodgers is way overrated.
    Here are some career stats between the two.
    PASSING RATING-Rodgers (102.9), Wilson (101.5)-Wilson didn't NEED a 3 year internship to learn.
    TD %-Both at 6.1%.
    YARDS PER PASS-Wilson (7.9), Rodgers (7.8).
    YARDS PER COMPLETION-Wilson (12.2), Rodgers (12.1).
    YARDS PER CARRY-Wilson (5.6), Rodgers (5.2).
    COMPLETION PCT-Rodgers (64.8%), Wilson (64.6%).
    INT%-Rodgers (1.4%), Wilson (1.8%)
    GAME WINNING DRIVES-Wilson (24 in less than 8 years), Rodgers (20 in his 12 years starting).
    4th Quarter Comebacks-Wilson (18 in less than 8 years), Rodgers (14 in his 12 years starting).
    I just gave you 9 major efficiency QB stats for them head to head and Wilson is BETTER in 5, TIED in another, trails the other 3 by 1.4 (passing rating), 0.2% (completion percentage) and 0.4% (INT percentage).
    What even more amazing is Wilson didn't NEED to inherit the same OC, head coach and offensive scheme the previous QB (Favre) succeeded in and he didn't NEED to sit and get paid for a INTERNSHIP to observe.

  2. Wilson creates 6 seconds for himself on every down. Most all other NFL quarterbacks have only 3. That is Seattles edge. The broken play is their edge. The Rams lost their edge this year and are a .500 team now and had better get used to it. They have no running back. Gurley is damaged goods and they need to eat the contract and find an excellent, reliable and durable running back. There are at least 8 of them in the league right now , it should not be hard. You don't need Marshawn Lynch or Marshall Falk. Just a good durable back.

  3. "Not a lot of talent around him"…? Did you miss the (latest) Lockett catch? Carson's next 100+ night? // HOT TAKE : We're witnessing Wilson-Lockett blossom into an all-time NFL tandem. Historically speaking, how many other passing tandems have pulled of a perfect passer rating over 20 straight games. And look close, Wilson is clearly focused on helping young Jedi D.K. Metcalf grow into his immense physical talents. Wilson-Metcalf at full tilt will be embarrassing secondaries for years to come. Young tight-end Dissly also appears to possess an affinity for the game, and a connection with Russ, picking up his first-rate performance right where he left off after being struck by a torn patellar tendon about this same time last year during his rookie season. If Wilson's career — and his Thursday night — are taken at face value, there's no avoiding the truth of what we're watching unfold this season. Some QB's wilt under the pressure. Danger Russ just laughs, calmly rolls left, and spins another gorgeous bomb over the coverage for a highlight-reel touchdown. It's a good time to be a Hawks fan, for certain. <<< Go Hawks >>>

  4. What people dont realize is the only reason the rams were still in that game was because of self inflicted wounds from the seahawks. That goes for all of the close games or the saints game. If we fix the fumbles and the poor decisions, they're blowouts. People just dont seem to see that. Probably because they dont actually WATCH the seahawks. The league better watch out

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