Russell Wilson and Ciara React To $140 Million Contract

After Russell Wilson signed a $140 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil reveal Russell and wife Ciara’s reaction during ET Canada Live.

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50 Responses

  1. Life can have some interesting turns.. it has its share of ups and downs.. Millions is one thing but hundreds of millions is another.. this kind of money changes things.. this new situation will test their relationship for sure..
    The hood teaches you to be a fierce survivor and you can't take the hood out of Ciara.. Ciara is a low-key savage with a nice smile.. she rebounded from future so fast that it seemed unlikely she had the time to heal properly.. she met well paid athlete Russell immediately after and the next thing you know she got married.. Now Russell has a new life changing contract.. this is way more money than they are accustomed to having.. adjustments will have to be made.. because more money attracts more and creates more problems… one thing for certain, Russell will find out if Ciara married him for Better or For Worse or if she was in it for the money.. Ciara will find out if Russell is truly loyal or if he will let the new money corrupt him.. it's a good time to celebrate but it's also a good time for both of them to be weary of danger.. they could both easily sink or swim..

    When's the last time you've seen an athlete make a video with his wife accepting a contract in bed?
    Seems a little strange but hey celebrate and do you🤷🏾‍♂️💪🏾🎉🎊
    If it's her being petty towards Future then that speaks volumes about the inner workings of her relationship with Russell.
    Sometimes being petty can backfire and sometimes the people that look happy aren't always happy.. but what do I know I'm just some guy leaving a comment on YouTube carry on

  2. So, what you are saying is, God wanted Russell Wilson and Ciara to have millions and millions of dollars because they put God first? First of all, you really need to pick up the Bible and understand what it means to be a Christian. Russell Wilson and Ciara are working for the devil. There's strong evidence that Ciara is Illuminati. So what does that make Russell? she's been spotted wearing satanic baphomet symbols on her clothing. Don't believe me, then Google it. They both moved their wedding from North Carolina to support the LGBTQ movement. They are both strong supporters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who are pro-abortionist and supporters of the LGBTQ movement. Russell Wilson has yet to rebuke media outlets, government, cities and states, and politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for example for champion the gay cause wow attacking Christians. And I suspect that he never will because he sold his soul for the fame and the fortune. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. Their fruit is bad. I've never heard Russell say that Jesus is his savior. I've only heard muscle say that "Jesus is Love" and "Jesus is Lord" but not his Savior. The Bible says that you can't serve two masters. Ciara and Russell are both greedy people who have put money before God. You have a lot of Christians in this world that are dirt poor living on $2 a day and you believe that God wanted Russell Wilson and Ciara to have millions of dollars that they have no intention of putting towards glorifying God's kingdom? Have you seen Ciara lately? She is not right with God Nor is Russell Wilson. You do not get the kind of media attention, fortunes and fame that Russell and Ciara have in this world without selling your soul to the Illuminati, Period!!! Look how Russell talks down on future like he's a bum with his little coins comment. If he looks down on future like he's a peasant don't you think he looks down on people like you and me like we're peasants and he's better than us because of his fortunes? Russell Wilson doesn't care about God he cares about the Love of money, fame, and championing the LGBTQ movement. Russell and Ciara have no intentions of glorifying God's kingdom and using their celebrity to help Christians being persecuted. They will not go there, because if they do they will lose it all. They made a deal with the devil for the world!

  3. You know, its sad that black men are putting cici down so much for having met and married a good man. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Future played her and She is allowed to have a blessed life. To all of the black women hating men, get over it. Man… Some of you don't want to see us have anything amazing happen in our lives. We want and need the same things as other women! We are human! We are all different types as well. From hood to classy to good values and everything in between! She never showed us that she was a whore or anything! She's always seemed cool. She is beautiful and with someone who allows her to be a female. To be the woman because he's a "man". God bless them!

  4. does anyone else feel weird about this? Wilson is just creepy and fake. Look at his speech at wisconsin, or his marriage while he was at wisconsin, also after lost to that Pats, "God spoke to him, saying this is a challenge" ok So wilson is a prophet? He is that special! also what is the weirdo thing of him having anyone that enters his Mariners box sign a confidently agreement? Wilson is fake? F U gumby!

  5. Russ we as Seahawks fans love the fact that you have the love of your life but we need you to love us on the field…stop being so shaky on 3rd down early in the game it's time to start blowing mfs up!!!! .Since you've been here we have had weak hearts because you want to be the hero in the end f that be the hero throughout ….Go 12's .. I'm In .40 years …call your own plays sometimes you've been here long enough to know how to read everything the NFC defenses are doing at least give us those victories . C'mon mane … We are hungry for another chip … Y'all owe us one remember SB 49 hmmmm

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