Martin Skrtel - Our Powerhouse - Liverpool FC (HD)

Martin Skrtel - Our Powerhouse - Liverpool FC

This is a video about Martin Skrtel's great moments in his Liverpool career.

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50 Responses

  1. Nice video 🙂 keep up the good work! I would love to see a video about LFC that shows all the good and bad moments this season we had till now so u can see how much the team has improved! A video that u could add too it every game and make it like a season 2013/2014 LFC that contains moments from all the BPL matches! That would be an AWSOME summery at the end of the season when we hopefuly finish in top 4 or maybe even win the league 🙂 RED TILL DEAD Ynwa

  2. who ever doubted our TERMINATOR and still have doubts well…. I rather preserve my comments to miself.. future legend a faithful loyal to our beloved club.. he has been EXCELLENT this season so far. made a few errors but most of them just accidents.  we have a power-force of a defense. they just need to sore them out a bit. i believe our club has one of the stringers defenders in Europe.. they will come together and create the great wall of china once again… lets get some clean sheets and win for glory. this yr. Silver is bleeding RED.. -ynwa

  3. Another epic video, thanks a lot! I love your choice of songs for these videos, it really puts some passion and emotion into the compilations. I can't say enough great things about your videos, but it you make another one of a defender or even midfielder it would be a cool addition to see some more crunching tackles and headers! For example the thumping Gerrard header that made Fellaini bleed at Old Trafford!

  4. As for skills, Škrtěl is not a very good defender. But he more than makes up for it with incredible spirit, toughness and heading. This season he has been one of the best defenders all around the top leagues in Europe.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! I found this channel by accident from one of your comments on YRCHDVideos and I'm glad I did. Good choice of music and awesome editing. You sir have earned a sub. Skrtel has always been one of my favourite defenders and this season he has been a fucking rock. Brendan seems to get the best out of everyone at the moment

  6. I think he is the only EPL player to have scored on all current top 4 teams….even agianst his own team LOL
    He has been great this season. He brings so much spirit on the field. Not to mention those important goals he scores. YNWA

  7. Greeting from Slovakia 🙂 We are glad here that we have players like Skrtel or hamsik and the others.. Skrtel you are the wall of liverpool and on the other hand great killer of opposite goalkeepers 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  8. that bellamy cross was sick, i remember that game, bellamy and skrtel scored and i bought that ugly ass shirt with bellamy on the back based off memories of that game (also craig bellamy is a legend and so is SKRTEL)

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