UNDISPUTED - Mark Schlereth, Skip & Shannon talk in depth about Tom Brady plan

UNDISPUTED - Mark Schlereth, Skip & Shannon talk in depth about Tom Brady plan

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50 Responses

  1. GOAT Head Coach, GOAT QB, winning culture –
    the rest of the league trying to find which helmet to wear,
    the answer to all of football's riddles….
    Da Bears
    I feel a Mack Attack comin…..
    Go Bears!

  2. Wouldn't the Pats be better off in another division so they could take out their competition like the Ravens? They would still make the playoffs as a wild card in worse case scenario.

    In fact, I think the Pats would rather play anywhere else than in Miami.

  3. They don't do anything on offense that any other team couldn't do. It's not some magical system, it's Brady 90% or so. Also other QBs play in systems, like brees who plays with an aggresive coach and in a dome which makes passing easier

  4. I love how Shannon brings up pats not beating Detroit and Tennessee like that has something to do with Brady declining. How can you have his sports acumen and ignore the facts. Both teams or baby patriots now lol, they have plenty of our pieces from players to coaches etc… they know all their is to know about Brady and Bill. Won’t matter in 2019 though.

  5. I am pretty sick and tired of Shannon Sharpe‘s despicable little schtick about “Brady running to Daddy to get Jimmy G traded.“

    Shannon Sharpe has said, on numerous occassions, that he admires Bill Belichick & Tom Brady.
    Sharpe has stated emphatically, on numerous occassions, that he admires & respects Robert Kraft.

    Sharpe has one bizarre way of showing his respect and admiration.
    He has called all three people “liars“ over and over and over again.

    Right after the Wickersham steaming pile of nonsense was published, reporters asked Brady if The story was true. Had he intervened in the decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo? Brady replied, “No.”

    Reporters asked Belichick if Brady intervened in the decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Belichick replied, “No.” and that the Wickersham story was “random“ & “baseless“.

    Reporters asked Kraft if Brady intervened in the decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Kraft called the story “a total fabrication” & clarified that “Belichick made that decision on his own & informed Kraft after the deal was done.”

    Sharpe has a bizarre way of showing his respect for Brady, Belichick, and Kraft.

    Every time Sharpe start yammering about “Brady running to daddy“, as he does a couple times per week, he essentially calls each of them “a liar”.
    I’ve heard him make this stupid, insulting claim approximately 50 times.

    Today, people call others “liars“ carelessly, callously, recklessly and without evidence.
    It’s shameful.
    It’s disgraceful.

    In the good old days, people got punched in the face for calling others “liars”.

    Our society was a better place when such immediate accountability for one’s statements was enforced in this manner.

  6. If your talking system bill got the defensive system Brady have the offensive system same offense bray running in New England same offense you see at his college game he was spreading the ball around to different receiver

  7. Shannon makes great points all the time but just doesn't drive em home or hit Skip over the head with em like he should. Idk if it's just respect for Skieepp or whhat.. Skip makes a LOT of dumb points on this show but he makes it sound believable or like he's winning because he just keeps hitting everybody over the head with it. Repeating it. C'mon Shannon, give skip a taste of his own medicine.

  8. Brady "is "the system…get over it…note : there is no" magical "Belichick
    system…the magic is Brady…Brady is an "assasin."..Belichick is a Defensive coach ,offense is "Josh McDaniels"…do your homework !
    Brady is offense…when are you guys gonna get it…

  9. You guys still believe this whole 'Bellichick wanted Brady out' business?! It's laughable and those so called reports are too. I know you reporters are mostly all friends but you can't honestly believe something like that. No wonder journalism is a joke these days and you are all the clowns.

  10. Hey Shannon, What are you talking about? Peyton Manning fell into the ocean in his last season. He was pulling games out of his ass. His arm strength was gone and they had to change their whole play book to keep Manning playing. Plus Manning had multiple HOF Wide Receivers to throw to. But Manning did fall off a cliff with his neck issue and the HGH he was shooting up to recover. He blamed the HGH on his wife. Please! Everyone knows Manning was shooting his heal up juice.

  11. Shannon. The only uniform you're going to see Tom Brady in next year, is his Summer jogging outfit. I will bet you a $1000 dollars that Brady will be back with the Patriots next year, just as he said he will be.

  12. Shannon. Wrong again. If they Patriots had Jimmy G instead of Tom Brady, they would not have gotten Superbowl wins. Jimmy G is overconfident, which is why he got injured. He's a typical running QB that doesn't learn. Same thing with RGIII and now Cam Newton. They think they're indestructible so they run and then they get hammered.

  13. Always a System when it's with the Patriots. Don't other teams have systems as well? And Bill Belichick has nothing to do with the offensive side of the ball yet he is given the credit. How bout we give some love to Josh Mcdaniels? How was Bill in Cle? How was Mcdaniels in Den? And TB12 was not with them hmmmm

  14. Shclereth the type of guy that thinks Stidham would be better for NE than Lamar Jackson is going to be for BAL. Guy always sounds so confidant when being completely wrong. Talking about him moving in the pocket.. 😂😂😂

  15. They need to take out the women in these shows that are just props and never say anything intelligent. They just look around at the other men while they talk and only give out fake little laughs or “yah.” it’s just awkward. Shannon doesn’t look her in the eye once. It’s like she’s not even there lol. Because he doesn’t respect her and knows she doesn’t have an opinion about anything. No more women on sports talk shows.

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