Cincinnati Bengals 2019 Season Predictions

The Bengals.............. Let us know your thoughts on the Bengals #NFL100 #Bengals


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16 Responses

  1. Warning huge comment ahead

    Since I know your specifically waiting for my comment aka B$😏, obviously I disagree the most with Shawn, and I think josh prediction is a lot more realistic and about where I fall hit obviously being a fan I have them at 9-7 being slightly more optimistic, before I break down what I believe in each game, I want to clear some things up that were said about the team.

    The O-line at this rate is still a mystery, but they have actually held up decently well against the ones this pre season, Dalton has only been pressured once and had only been hit once(on a blitz), so I’m cautiously optimistic about that, with the bengals Changing schemes offensively to more PA, that helps hide some of the inconstancy On the line with it being predicated on short reads and running a majorly of the offense from PA will give dalton a half second longer in the pocket, which is good since dalton ranks top 5 in release time. Also we drafted the best blocking TE in the draft who has high upside in the passing game so in 12 personnel(1 RB 2 Te) we have an extra top end blocker to aid too, the offense has shown some nice rams style wrinkles so far and I’m optimistic the offense has top 10 upside. On the Ross note he’s set to practice this Monday, so assuming all goes well he’s starting opposite of UDFA stud Damion Willis who can fill in for Green somewhat, the offense has a whole being predicated on running to set up the pass and having multiple plays out of one look should keep defenses on there toes, and we escaped pre season with out any other major injuries besides green who Hopefully is back for the bills game.

    Now for the defense, I understand your concern because of how bad it was, but the defense did play significantly better down the stretch under Marvin(god that pains to say. As he took over DC duties) and the bengals the entire first half Of the year were just killed to injures all over the defense, on top playing a very bland and boring zone scheme when the bengals should be more man concepts since that’s what our CB core is better suited as, the defense is younger and healthier, we got back 2017 rookie sack leader Carl Lawson and you can go watch him beat Nate solider like a drum and kill jones from last night game, as long with a very underrated DT in Ryan Glasgow, we were playing underrated rookie at mike. The bengals defense should improve majorly this season under Lou, who has shown some slight things with different stunts from DT/DE. And having Dunlap Lawson/Hubbard Atkins and Glasgow on the D-L will cause problems for teams. There is a whole new energy around this team, and they definitely are headed in a positive direction.

    Now for my Game by game breakdown

    Week 1- @ Seattle, I agree we likely loose this game, but we could upset seeing how Seattle has little talent in there secondary at all, and there slot CB should get beat like a drum by Boyd, but being in Seattle and having To face Wilson is a tough draw


    Week 2- Vs 49ers- here were I disagree first, the 49ers since 2015 are 0-10 Vs Teams in the est, Jimmy G will still be rusty as hell(about week 5 is where he will take off), and the bengals offense despite having to face a good pass rush should be able to move the ball well enough, added to that the jungle will be rocking and with the 49ers struggle on the est, I see us pulling a win


    Week 3 @ Buffalo

    Josh Allen is a Bottom 5 QB right now, they did little to find him any above average talent on offense while there defense is nice and it’s in there house, our offense is to much for them to handle(AJ Green back), and there offense won’t be hard to stop


    Week 4- @pitt

    Man I wanna have this a W so much, the bengals have lead the Steelers in the last 3 Matchups and choked under Lewis 3 times in a row, I think they take a significant step back, we saw week 17 last year when the worst defense in football shut down there offense and Juji, but Pittsburgh owns us and with our historic failures in PT, could change under Taylor but until I see it, I refuse to pick the bengals in Prime time


    Week 5 Vs Cards

    This should be a win for the bengals, the cardinals defense is awful and so is there offensive line, there offense has high upside with Kyler and Kliff but with the lack of experience and playing a team with a solid pass rush and more talent all around I see a W


    Week 6 Vs ravens

    I actually disagree with Josh here. We normally beat the ravens at home and don’t do so well in there house, the ravens defense is still elite and they didn’t loose any top end talent and they added the best Saftey in football when healthy in ET, while the offense is still a mystery the bengals struggles with ground and pound teams and Mobile QB will result in an L


    Week 7 Vs Jags

    This is a win, the jaguars lack talent offensively, and L4 has his issues, while there’s no denying that defense, AJ green revenge game too, the jags just have to make questions marks on offense and the hired one the worst OC in the league last year and I don’t think nick Foles has enough talent around him for the jags to be contenders this year


    Week 8 Vs rams

    Lol, it’s in London so maybe An upset, student Vs the Master? But I’m reality the rams are a top team and will beat us


    Week 10- vs ravens

    Now under Marvin Lewis I would have this as an L, due to his historic incompetence after a bye week, but this is the Zac Taylor era baby, after letting the ravens get the best of week 6, he will return the favor here and snag a W, as the bengals have won I believe like 5/8 against the ravens at home since 2011.

    Week 11 @ raiders

    This is a win for the bengals, the raiders have very little talent on defense and the bengals offense should have no issues scoring on them. And the bengals knowing how to play Vs the anemic Paul Gunther. Also AB normally doesn’t have the best games against WJ3


    Week 12 Vs Steelers

    This where the bengals finally make there stand and beat the Steelers. The Steelers offense isn’t what it use to be, and with the bengals riding a winning streak and being at home, dalton and the gang will finally exercise their demons and beat the Steelers.

    Week 13 Vs the jets

    If this wasn’t a home game I would pick the Jets, but being at home and the jets have a middle of the road team I’m going with the home team, the jets pass rush is elite but Joe Mixon should have s good game, and with the jets second being average we should carve them up, while the bengals struggle with bell, and I like Darnold I don’t the jets have enough on offense to compete in a shoot out.


    Week 14, @ Cleveland

    With the browns still being in the race the the playoffs, and the browns having more talent right now across the board than we do, the browns should take care of business and beat us


    Week 15 New England

    Lol, shoot me. You aren’t beating Brady in December, just try not to get embarrassed next

    Week 16 @ Miami

    Win, the dolphins are void of all talent, and are gonna be one of the worst teams in the league this season, December game with the playoffs likely in reach we take care of business and get to 9-6

    Week 17 Vs Cleveland

    This will be a good game, and the bengals under dalton always perform exceptionally well in there final home game, but with it still being a dog fight, I’m gonna give the upper hand to Cleveland based on these better pass rush and all around team the bengals will loose a close one and will fall to 9-7

    I have them at 9-7, with a floor of 6-10(dalton is good for 6 wins), and maybe 11-5 if some things bounce our way. I’m very optimistic this season and can’t wait for the bengals to show Shawn Wrong 😏.

    Good video as always my brothers

  2. It’ll be a couple years before we are competitive again. Let’s face it. Dalton is average at best. A.J. stays hurt anymore. Eifert is always hurt. The line is garbage. The linebackers are garbage.

    But, give it a couple years, draft linemen and linebackers next year, draft Trevor Lawrence.

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