2017 Kansas City Chiefs regular season Highlights - AFC WEST CHAMPIONS

Over the last 17 weeks, i've been putting together this big ass regular-season highlight video. Enjoy! GO CHIEFS!
Week 1 @ Patriots 0:00
Week 2 vs. Eagles 2:16
Week 3 @ Chargers 4:48
Week 4 vs. Redskins 6:24
Week 5 @ Texans 9:32
Week 6 vs. Steelers 11:39
Week 7 @ Raiders 13:26
Week 8 vs. Broncos 14:53
Week 9 @ Cowboys 18:18
(Bye Week)
Week 11 @ Giants 19:35
Week 12 vs. Bills 21:02
Week 13 @ Jets 22:49
Week 14 vs. Raiders 24:48
Week 15 vs. Chargers 27:48
Week 16 vs. Dolphins 30:58
Week 17 @ Broncos 34:18

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40 Responses

  1. im very disappointed that they released albert wilson, he seemed to really seemed to be on the same page as mahomes and who knows what could of been this season with those two getting more time togother

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  3. I'm more than excited to see Maholmes play this year. But God damn am I gonna miss A. Smith!! You simpleton normy's that claimed he had no arm, can't throw down field, game manager, yada yada. You ignorant fans and analysts see what happened the FIRST year of his career that he was ALLOWED to let loose? Best QBR in the NFL (cheaters excluded, obvi) along with best down field completion rating; while still running the ball and "game managing". He is obviously included in this would be Superbowl contending KC team. Who is not included, however, is the actual(and literal) game manager/play caller that used Alex as a scapegoat to get a few more years. Mr. Reid, who has flaked in the playoffs his ENTIRE CAREER! We traded for a cheaper QB who can also go long. So far that's the only skill established. Even so, does he have the chemistry with Hill and Kelcy the way Smith did? No. Period. Veteran knowledge that Alex has? I don't think a single qb in the NFL has that. What Maholmes will do is give Reid more excuses to buy extra years in Kansas City. Everyone is doing their jobs from players to coaches to recruiters, except Reid. Who has never proved that he could ever be able to get it done. If we want to win a Superbowl then fill his big ass with sugar or cocaine before each playoff game(not entirely joking!) We don't want, nor need, that conservative bullshit he brings every year!

  4. by looking at these highlights you'd swear KC had a powerhouse offense…but if you look at the scores and time in the game, you'll see in many of these highlights the Chiefs hadnt scored a whole lot…at least now with Mahomes, when the Chiefs lose it isnt because the offense could put up points

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