Southampton vs Manchester United 2019 Post Match Reaction

Southampton vs Manchester United 2019 Post Match Reaction


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31 Responses

  1. Rashford was poor today. In my opinion he single handedly lost us that game. He should get onto atleast 3 of those crosses from Dan James and one from Wan Bisaka. Lindellof and De Gea needs to up their levels dramatically. And Ole's changes was terrible. Bringing on Mason with just 10 minutes to go against a ten men Southampton was bad management.

  2. How does rashford start he is fuckin terrible an most united fans are starting to see it now he’s another Danny welbeck I cannot believe how poo he has been an lindelof is just not good enough in uniteds defence he’s the weak link

  3. Excuses, excuses and more excuses does us no good. Just come to face the reality, which means we were simply a mediocre mid level team we were not good and we were not clinical. We did not deserve to win. Our destiny is mid-table achievement, We should be content with that,

  4. We lack creativity in the midfield……We can not break teams down and we lack ideas upfront.Beaten by Crystal palace and then drawing with Southampton smacks of a club in utter decline…..We need to stop the moaning and seriously address the decline…NOT GOOD ENOUGH…Better and stronger teams will hammer us badly.

  5. These clowns 🤡 protecting the board. Nothing with be fixed if MUTV keep talking sweet nothings and that’s what the board sees. They are saying we had a good game. What about 2 nd half when Soton controlled the possession until they scored..I saw that one coming because we’re terrible defending as a team and when we don’t press we get beat. Terrible performance. Ole doesn’t know how to read the game. We need a quality manager who will improve United instead of this puppet

  6. you know what the board has done. They have handed an umbrella to Ole and asked him to weather a Hurricane. Ashley young and Matic are 2 blind people crossing the highway. Rashford is thinking he is Cristiano Ronaldo to take shots outside the 30-40 yard's. Lingard can open a dancing institute. United is dependable on a 15m player bought from Swansea. Where are the united players ? Pogba looks like he has already given up this season.How can we fix this ?

  7. For a 26 year period, United won 13 League titles. Think of it, winning the league every 2 years for 26 years. Now for the last 6 years, United are a 5th or 6th place team and their supporters are mental.Blaming everything except Brexit for their problems. 4 games into a 38 game 10 month season and Untied fans are questioning their manager and coaching staff. How about making a f…ing penalty or winning a bloody header. Maybe that might be their problem.

  8. U don't challenge and win anything with inexperience. N that's what we have at the moment. Inexperienced team and an inexperienced manager. That's a recipe for disaster! The club's already in a mess with those stupid incompetent ppl at the top running it. And that sickness has now spread even more so to the pitch. It all comes down to the owner's. U can't challenge for anything , let alone win if the owner's themselves have NO desire , passion and ambitions of doing so. We're dead as a football club. OLE will fall together with the team. If Ole has any pride left , it's best he walk away. He's bound to fail. This is not the old MAN United anymore where the winning mentality was installed by Sir Alex. That era is long gone. These player's don't have that mentality to carry the club. Period! We're not progressing , we're falling further behind every season! From Manchester United to Bankchester United to Bantchester United we've become! As a fan who've supported this club for 30 years , I feel i can no longer support a club which has no ambitions. The moment Southampton scored the equaliser , I left watching the match. I can honestly tell you , 99% of the Asia fans here along with me have no faith anymore in this team. U guys should do a live stream or podcast with us Asian fans here. Then you'll know what we feel and our views are on our beloved club. I can tell you honestly , it won't be alot of positives in our views. Last but not least , MASON at 17 has more flair , skills , technique and good decision making than Rashy at 21! Start Mason and Martial. Rashy on the bench! He's a squad player at best!

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