New York Giants Are Undergoing a Long-Term Process to Success

THE DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - After everything that occurred with the New York Giants up to this point from drafting Saquon Barkley over a QB to parting ways with Odell Beckham Jr. and then drafting Daniel Jones in the recent NFL Draft, Doug Gottlieb attempts to break down what the New York Giants' big-picture plans are for the future.
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20 Responses

  1. I love how people downplay two Super Bowl wins like it’s nothing. Other than the Steelers and patriots, nobody has won more than 1 since the cowboys in the mid 90s. Yes we’ve had some rough pass seasons. But I bet your ass the rams and falcons wish they could have our success

  2. I love talking heads, because they usually get it wrong, and it's fun to look back and have a laugh. Next year this team will have over 90 million in cap space, this is gonna be a dangerous team the next two-4 years.

  3. Giants young Core:
    Daniel Jones 22

    Saquon Barkley 22

    Sterling Shepard 25

    Evan Engram 25

    Dalvin Tomlinson 25

    BJ Hill 23

    Dexter Lawrence 21

    Lorenzo Carter 23

    Oshane Ximenes 23

    Julian Love 21

    Sam Beal 23

    Deandre Baker 22

    Jabrill Peppers 23

    Will Hernandez 24

    Grant Haley 23

  4. Giants are set up to be good in 2021. By having 2 QBs they've screwed the pooch n being any good next year. In 2021 they should be ready to roll but only if DJ is as good as advertised. If he's not, it could be another 5 to 6 years before the Giants a re any good again.

  5. Yeah, the Giants have taken it on the chin, although I believe that they'll right the ship. It may not happen overnight, but stranger things have happened. I also believe that Daniel Jones will succeed, and keep the doubters at bay. As far as the team's official name goes, I like it, as do many NYG fans. Even though the N.Y. Giants departed to San Francisco in 1957.

  6. Yes I agree they are building a culture but would that culture will to success it depends heavily on if Daniel Jones is the guy…Pat Shamir is the right coach for Daniel Jones…and that Dave Gettleman the right gm…because okay fire the pat after this season what is that going to do for Daniel Jones…you would really need the right guy…and can Dave Gettleman Draft and build a championship roster around this said talent if not the Giants might become the knicks

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