Bucky Brooks: "Aaron Rodgers is overrated" - Colin Cowherd Excited | The Herd

Bucky Brooks: "Aaron Rodgers is overrated" - Colin Cowherd Excited | The Herd

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24 Responses

  1. Aaron Rodgers is overrated I disagree because in 2017 he didn't play for a full-time season in 2015 he had a low passer rating but made it two the divisional round but Bucky Brooks barley mentioned 2016 the run the table era.

  2. I dont understand Aaron and Brees been to 1 superbowl but one suppose to be overrated and one is underrated and Brees missed the playoffs for a couple of years but dont get any backlash for that why 🤷🤷🤷🤷

  3. 😂😂😂Sure, and Brady’s a lousy QB because he was picked so low in the draft. Stats sure can be manipulated to make any argument can’t they Colin/Bucky/whoever else?
    Watch the second half of last year’s Packers-Bears season opener after Aaron got hurt and tell me how overrated he is. This certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with how much of an asshole you appeared to be in your Rodgers interview on your failed HBO show several years ago, would it? Nah, certainly not!

  4. wasn't Rodgers injured week 1 of last year?……. Doesn't matter I guess. Lets continue to manipulate stats and remember.. Only a QB can win a superbowl. Supporting cast is irrelevant…. It's an outrage to pay any football player besides the QB.

  5. Its simple… he holds the ball too long. He's so talented w his legs, he relies on it too much… he wont 3step drop/ 5step drop… and release the ball… and btw… the guy who holds the ball gets injured often… hmmmmm…. strange how that works too… people talk like the injuries are flukey… no they are his fault. Read the defense and let the ball go.

  6. Aaron Rogers is the most overrated qb of all time now don't take that as me saying he's bad far from it he's great but he is nowhere near the top 5 qb's of all time he is a great qb but not one of the greatest

  7. Aaron Rodgers is the most overrated qb not just of his era but possibly ever. How is he overrated? well he is rated as being the equal of guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning which when you look deeper he isn't. Sure he has nice fantasy stats and doesn't throw a bunch of interceptions (kinda hard to throw a pick when you lead the league in throwaways by a wide country mile lol) but he is godawful when his team doesn't have the lead, he has less 4th quarter comebacks than Derek Carr, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, and Ryan Tannehill like I knew he was bad without a lead when compared to Brady or Peyton but jesus Christ its worse than I thought.

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