DC Sports Radio Host Chad Dukes Goes Off on Washington Redskins

http://blacksportsonline.com presents DC Sports Radio Host Chad Dukes Goes Off on Washington Redskins


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50 Responses

  1. And now, in 2013, here we are again! The team is a mess and we have no draft picks to fix it and a spoiled brat at QB who the team won't play for and an overplayed blowhard of a coach that also doesn't reach the players. We are beyond screwed.

    Why does this always happen to us?? Why can't it ever happen to Pittsburgh or Boston or some other place that has rings out the ass

  2. Quit complaining…..until you live the life as a Detroit Lions fan….I don't want to hear it….you crying is unjustified. At least you've been to the superbowl and won superbowls. We haven't. We lived through Matt Millen. We wasted Barry Sanders talent. We suffered through 0-16.

  3. Washington, Cleveland fans deserve better… Oakland too but their getting better. 49er fan I been a fan since, 98 Steve Young got taken out… passing up on Aaron Rodgers a series of coaching disgraces following Bill Walsh greatness Seifert and Mariuchi run out at peak. I go on I feel you man… I know a bs franchise move when I see it…  you guys getting the worst of it out of everyone right now. (49ers bandwagon getting light as hell… so much internal bs. )

  4. 3 and a half minutes in… Roughly 50 percent of the fans at FedEx Field root for the visitors. Maybe that's because it's the capital of the US, where people from all over the US reside because of working for government or other entities.

    Then again, in the case of the Ravens, Steelers, Eagles, Giants, and Pats… it's a relatively close trip to/from those cities.

  5. So basically nobody listened to him at Redskins park. They've been shit for 27 years. Why all of sudden this outburst? I left this team to rot years ago. They own the rights to the name but they have no business calling themselves the Washington Redskins. That team died when that yid midget took ownership.

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