Will Daniel Jones start sooner rather than later? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

The Giants continue to praise Daniel Jones after early practices, and Mike Florio and Chris Simms are wondering if they're trying to signal that the rookie could take over for Eli Manning this year. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #NewOrleansSaints #DanielJones
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Will Daniel Jones start sooner rather than later? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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50 Responses

  1. Believe it or not.. Eli is still a good quarterback. And makes the right reads at the line of scrimmage. He just has a tendency of forcing passes and throw off balance. But he did good last year despite how bad the offensive line was.

  2. if he out preforms Eli then give him the start but if hes not ready dont rush it i was not a fan of the position thought he was a 3rd rounder .had to edit .crazy scenario jones starts plays like wentz get injured Eli comes in and wins a 3rd ring what happens then giants fan would go nuts

  3. OMG what an embarrassing video…Daniel Jones loses control of his bladder on the practice field at 1:37! His accident occurred just as the ball was snapped…if he can't handle the pressure of a snap during PRACTICE, just IMAGINE what is going to happen in an actual NFL game! He'll have a massive brown streak running down the back of his pants as soon as he steps out onto that field for the first time! This proves the Giants made a HUGE mistake drafting him at #6!

  4. Disagree. I've watched tape on Eli, he's still an NFL caliber QB, with years of garbage O-line play and a defense that never helps him out. Schemes that either tell him to hold onto the ball too long (early career with Gilbride) or the recent dump it off for a 4 yard gain gameplans ("play scared" as i call it) but you expect him to make chicken salad out of chickensh** every down of every game of every year. Maybe because he won 2 SBs with mediocre teams. Plenty of the Giants' losses over the years are on him but he also isnt helped as much as other QBs who get a pass. What Jones has on Eli with his athleticism Manning makes up for above the shoulders. Throw around whatever numbers or anecdotes you want, I've seen every game of his career and i'll believe my eyes over memes.

  5. It is very simple whoever plays better during training camp will start, they've said it over and over that they draft for competition/value and not just posistion need. Heck most Giants fans did not want Phil Simms when we drafted him, pretty good pick then too.

  6. We are going to have to wait and see. There’s a real chance Eli is better or Jones is better. Hard to know. The one thing is iw is, WHYDDINT WE MOVE UPTO 1 TO DRAFT HIM. YOU CANT WAIT AT 6 to get him LoLoL

  7. Chris Simms is REALLY intelligent. I know he spent time on the NotreDame campus as a broadcaster – and the osmosis of the pervasive intelligence is evident / almost irrefutable – but he makes several really good points. Kudos.

  8. It probably just depends on how well the Giants and Eli do. If by the Bye week, they're like 3-10 or something then Jones is probably going to get subbed in for the rest of that season. If they have a winning season at that point, then Eli will continue to be the starter with Jones getting some playing time based on how ahead they are during games. They're probably gonna look to ease Jones into the starting role as much as possible instead of just throwing him into the fire right away and they have the opportunity to do that with Eli.

  9. I think Daniel Jones can be a great qb in the future, but the Giants really did themselves, their fans, and Daniel Jones a disservice by picking him #6. Should’ve waited, if someone else picked him up big whoops. There’s always Haskins or next year.

  10. I'm not going to debate the fact that Eli Manning is still a great QB. Anyone who thinks differently doesn't follow the team, only listens to talk shows, is completely ignorant, or some combination of the above. All I'm going to say is that the Giants fans who ride him now will miss him dearly once he's gone.

  11. Keep in mind eli was total ratsh*t for a pretty long time before he was actually good 2007-2012 and 2014-2015. Even if daniel jones plays like josh allen did last year, i say let him start until he figures it out.

  12. You guys may be right I'm shocked nobody has pointed it out but after Jones was drafted DG said specifically about that pick "It's a wonderful thing when NEED & value match" I think he's nuts for valuing Daniel Jones as highly as Josh Allen but thats besides the point the fact that he said it was a need shows his previous defense of Eli was all a big smokescreen & he doesnt actually think that the negative narrative about Eli is a crock he wouldn't be calling his #6 pick of a QB a need if he truly thought Eli has multiple years left

  13. Everybody talks about Eli's "best years are behind him", but are they? 2018 stats: 66% completion percentage (career high), 4299 yards, 1.9 interception percent of passes thrown (career low). He's been 61% plus in completions the last 5 years, after having multiple years of comp. % in the 50s. I get that he's getting old, and this isn't about hating on Daniel Jones, but if you're going to bust out a fresh take, maybe check the stats first.

  14. You could put Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers behind our awful offence line the last 2 years an they would also put up low numbers. O-line better in 2019 which will give Eli more time to get the ball out. An as much as i loved OBJ but without him demanding the ball on every passing play Eli will not have the pressure of getting him the ball as much.

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