The upward thrust of InstaDads – high UK locations for Instagrammer dads ranked in contemporary obtain out about

Essex named top InstaDad countyWelsh dads from Newport share the most popular contentTop 5 Instagrammer dads in the UK revealed London, 29th June – A new social media study from gifts and gadgets retailer Menkind reveals the nation’s top hotspots for InstaDads. To put a spotlight on dads and father figures across the country, the…

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  • Essex named high InstaDad county
  • Welsh dads from Newport share the most neatly-most neatly-liked reveal material
  • Top 5 Instagrammer dads in the UK revealed

London, 29th June – A up to date social media obtain out about from offers and objects retailer Menkind reveals the nation’s high hotspots for InstaDads. To save a highlight on dads and father figures across the country, the diagnosis delved into Instagram hashtag recordsdata and uncovered the conclude UK locations the keep dad life reveal material gets shared and cherished the most.

Essex tops the InstaDad chart

The contemporary obtain out about analysed publicly available Instagram posts from the closing three months according to their geo-diagram tags, and crunched the numbers on the conclude UK regions, counties and cities the keep dads share fatherhood linked reveal material the most.

Essex tops the chart because the county with the most active InstaDads, who submit most about dad life or are featured on their households’ feeds. Essex fathers and father figures are also the 2nd most "cherished" in the country, after dads from Leicestershire, who lead at the need of InstaLikes for dad-linked reveal material.

London dads also fancy snapping their proudest dad moments, coming in 2nd for the need of pop-linked posts, and sixth relating to the most cherished Instagram reveal material.

Relative to the scale of the population, nevertheless, Essex dads advance third in the ranking of pop life reveal material per 1000 county residents, with Northumberland and Southampton dads splitting the rostrum. Then again, Essex dads nonetheless share a whopping 95 times more family reveal material on Instagram than Londoners.

South East and East of England InstaDads most active Instagrammers

Total, InstaDads in the South East and East of England are the most active and get the most likes to posts about dad life, while the North East and Northern Ireland are dwelling to the least active Instagrammer dads, in line with the regional recordsdata.

At county stage, Milton Keynes, Stirling, Hartlepool, Monmouthshire, Caithness, Peterborough, South Gloucestershire, Wrexham, Thurrock and Falkirk all split the closing diagram in the ranking, with the bottom quantity of fatherhood linked reveal material shared.

Dads in Newport lead the manner for InstaLikes

Taking a obtain out about at city stage recordsdata, Welsh father figures share the most taking part dad-life posts, with Newport amassing the most InstaLikes for dad-linked reveal material, adopted by London and Blyth, in Northumberland.

When measuring quantity of reveal material, the city stage hashtag diagnosis reveals Londoners are the conclude InstaDads in the country, adopted by dads in Liverpool, Southampton and Leeds.

It is, nevertheless, the small city of Glossop, in Derbyshire, the keep dads share the most Instagram reveal material linked to fatherhood per 1000 residents – 2 times more than the runner-up city, Lincoln. Lincoln dads, themselves, share 12.5 times more dad reveal material than London fathers per 1,000 of us. Londoner dads nonetheless get it into the conclude twenty InstaDad cities in the country, relative to the scale of its population.

Top five most neatly-most neatly-liked InstaDads revealed

The social media obtain out about also crunched the numbers on the profiles with the most cherished public Instagram posts which extinct dad linked hashtags in the closing three months, and shortlisted the conclude dads that get most recognition on the platform for his or her heart-warming family life reveal material. 

Top InstaDads


Number of likes




Leicestershire, East Midlands



Blyth, Northumberland, North East






Chester, North West England



Doncaster, Yorkshire and the Humber

*Top five InstaDads according to most cherished dad-life Instagram reveal material in the UK

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