VIDEO: Man Utd Fans Block Avenue Main To Frail Trafford

The fans of Manchester United has yet again blocked the road leading to Old Trafford preventing the Liverpool’s team bus from entering the stadium.READ ALSO: Let’s Break The Culture Of Silence- GJA Secretary Talks About Caleb Kudah- National Security SagaRecall the Manchester United Supporters Trust stormed the stadium and the pitch couple of weeks ago…

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The followers of Manchester United has all over again blocked the road main to Frail Trafford fighting the Liverpool’s team bus from entering the stadium.

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Opt the Manchester United Supporters Have faith stormed the stadium and the pitch couple of weeks ago fighting the premiership sport against their bitterness rival Liverpool to come encourage on in train against the householders of the club.

The supporters are stressful for the Glazer family to switch away the club after alleging the family has high-tail the club into debt and searching to be part of the Huge League to gain cash for themselves.

The match was postponed to be played as of late at 19: 15 GMT as of late but experiences coming in from Frail Trafford counsel some supporters of Man Utd maintain blocked all the roads main to the stadium.

Movies am executed photographs characterize that Liverpool’s team bus tires has been busted by the supporters as they are level-headed protesting against the Glazer family.

The Bigger Manchester Police are doing the entirety likely to terminate the supporters from invading the stadium and the pitch for the second time.

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Man United is now second method within the premiership desk with 10 facets gab between league leaders and champions and also metropolis competitors Manchester Metropolis.

Liverpool is in hope and prepared be so eager to remove this match against Manchester United to higher their possibilities and qualification for subsequent season’s European season.

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