Cowboys Paid $2.4M to Settle Richard Dalrymple's Alleged Voyeurism of Cheerleaders

Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesThe Dallas Cowboys paid four cheerleaders a total settlement of $2.4 million after former senior vice president for public relations and communications Richard Dalrymple allegedly recorded them while they undressed in 2015.Each of the cheerleaders received $399,523.27, according to a report by ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr., with the rest…

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Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire by Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys paid four cheerleaders a whole settlement of $2.4 million after outdated senior vp for public relations and communications Richard Dalrymple allegedly recorded them whereas they undressed in 2015.

Each and every of the cheerleaders got $399,523.27, in response to a checklist by ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr., with the comfort of the money being paid to honest teams. 

The women acknowledged they caught Dalrymple trying to secretly file them the usage of an iPhone after sneaking into their locker room the usage of a security key card. A fan also accused Dalrymple, who retired from the group in February, of taking lewd pictures of Charlotte Jones Anderson, the daughter of team owner Jerry Jones.

Dalrymple denied the allegations in an announcement.

"Folks that know me, co-workers, the media and colleagues, know who I'm and what I'm about," Dalrymple acknowledged. "I realize the very severe nature of those claims and attain no longer preserve them flippantly. The accusations are, on the opposite hand, false. One became once unintended and the opposite simply didn't happen. The whole lot that became once alleged became once totally investigated years within the past, and I cooperated fully."

The Cowboys acknowledged they investigated the allegations and came upon no proof of wrongdoing by Dalrymple, who became once with the group for 32 years. The team did, on the opposite hand, abet Dalrymple with a "written warning," in response to Van Natta.

"If any wrongdoing had been came upon, Rich would be pleased been terminated straight away," Jim Wilkinson, a communications guide employed by the Cowboys, advised ESPN. "All individuals concerned felt upright frightful about this sad incident."

The ESPN checklist indicated Dalrymple's retirement came within the weeks after journalists started asking questions in regards to the settlement, which became once agreed to in Might perhaps perhaps presumably 2016 and involves a nondisclosure settlement for the women. Dalrymple acknowledged the upcoming checklist "had nothing to achieve with my retirement."

A outdated cheerleader who became once no longer concerned with the lawsuit acknowledged the incident became an originate secret internally, however the team "upright made it depart away."

In response to the checklist, the team forensically examined Dalrymple's team-issued cellular phone and came upon no proof of pictures being taken. He advised investigators that he didn't possess a private cellular phone. Jason Cohen, the Cowboys' frequent counsel, acknowledged Dalrymple didn't affirm being within the locker room but acknowledged he believed it became once empty and entered to employ the restroom.

The women were "incredulous" at Dalrymple's denial, with one announcing they saw him with an iPhone out recording them.

"It became once a 'he acknowledged, she acknowledged'—and the team chose to deem Dalrymple's aspect of issues," a offer advised ESPN. "However four women swore this took set up."

After it became determined the Cowboys had no plans to reprimand Dalrymple, the women employed an licensed official. They later went into settlement negotiations with the team, keeping the incident easy whereas they persevered to be employed as cheerleaders.

No longer one among the women are at checklist employed with the team. 

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