NBA Twitter reacts to Timberwolves blowing out Lakers

For the third straight game, the Los Angeles Lakers not only lost, they were  blown out, this time by the Minnesota Timberwolves. It happened by virtue of the same tired formula: Lakers fall behind big early, they make a run to make things seem semi-competitive, but they don’t have enough juice to make the final…

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For the third straight game, the Los Angeles Lakers now not handiest lost, they enjoy been  blown out, this time by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It came about by advantage of the a connected tired formula: Lakers fall in the abet of expansive early, they construct a flee to construct things seem semi-competitive, but they don’t enjoy sufficient juice to construct the closing gather explore decent.

Karl-Anthony Cities and the Timberwolves routed L.A. on Wednesday, 124-104, and it became once gruesome.

The Lakers shot 10-of-45 from 3-level vary, and none of their predominant rotation avid gamers had even a passable night time offensively.

All but again, the NBA community on Twitter let its disgust for the Lakers be known. At this level, it’s turning into more sad than silly, as many figured the Lakers may perhaps per chance be having a explore admire championship contenders by this level of the season.

Lakers got blew out again lol. Appropriate stop it…they don’t deserve the play-in either

— College Graduate (@Larry_daLegend) March 17, 2022

I abominate the Clippers but they got Staples Center (refuse to call it Crypto Enviornment) rockin formulation more than the Lakers enjoy this full season

— Mamba 🏀😈 (@drewsym7) March 17, 2022

Win Westbrick off the damn crew

— McLOVIN (@rastaMcLOVIN) March 17, 2022

Appropriate shatter the remainder of the Lakers video games.

— SHANI 🇹🇹 (@Darkkandlovely_) March 17, 2022

You can NEVER glimpse a lazier LAKERS crew than this one….Add in LeBron thinking he will get fouled on every play….😳

— Dennis Gregovich (@GregoDaGr8) March 17, 2022

This why the Lakers struggling draw more… Westbrook is now not a teach up shooter. By no methodology enjoy and probably by no methodology will be. So that you can remark this as the offense whenever you literally left him birth every play towards the Rockets is loopy 😂 lawful stop

— More Existence 🙏🏽 (@pj_iykyk) March 17, 2022

Lakers are monstrous out embarrassing this one year

— Kammie💕 (@KillaKims) March 17, 2022

I lawful smashed my 4K TV in front of 30 visitors at my cocktail event attributable to the Lakers performance tonight. My wife took out crying younger folks and acknowledged they’ll be spending all night time in a motel. This crew has ruined my existence and event. Goodbye Lakers nation, I'm in a position to’t possess this to any extent extra.

— 6'0 mexican 💯 (@bglupe_) March 17, 2022

Somebody acknowledged “Russ ain’t did nothing all season, the Lakers lawful using him to launder 40 million”… 😂😭😭

— Shad, Not Chad (@Shad_HeadHancho) March 17, 2022

Unhappy to explore Lebron shatter away his profession with a dumpster hearth group admire the Lakers #RaisedByWolves

— Jason Hollett (@jhollett88) March 17, 2022

Appropriate forfeit the remainder of the season and establish away with all of these bums. True your wrongs.

— iGotKickz (@kickzcharmer) March 17, 2022


1. Scurry after a player who's coming off a solid season

2. The player struggles with the Lakers

3. The player will get traded or leaves in free company to a novel crew

4. He performs better on his unique crew

— Alec 🇺🇦 (@AlecNava19) March 17, 2022

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