Nets' Patty Mills says Ben Simmons is 'in a extraordinarily gorgeous region,' nonetheless Steve Nash has 'no conception' when he'll play

About 12 hours after telling reporters at shootaround that he expected James Harden to remain with the Brooklyn Nets after Thursday's NBA trade deadline, coach Steve Nash had to talk about the fact that Harden had been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Asked what changed, Nash said, "You'd have to ask Sean (Marks, the Nets' general…

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About 12 hours after telling journalists at shootaround that he anticipated James Harden to stay with the Brooklyn Nets after Thursday's NBA alternate decrease-off date, coach Steve Nash needed to chat referring to the indisputable fact that Harden had been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Asked what changed, Nash said, "You'd accept to ask Sean (Marks, the Nets' basic supervisor). I wasn't up there with him. I was right here focusing on the crew."

Nash said that, "because the hours ticked by recently, it gave the affect more apparent" that a blockbuster alternate used to be coming. While it has been broadly reported that Harden used to be sad enough in Brooklyn to desire a alternate, Nash never "talked to James about unhappiness," he said, "diversified than excellent unprecedented, day-to-day 'How attain we assassinate this ingredient better?'" 

After the deal used to be done, Nash said he wished Harden the very best of luck. He also said that he does no longer know whether or no longer Harden ever as we speak asked out. 

As for Ben Simmons, the headliner of the equipment the Nets got from Philadelphia, Nash said, "I judge we desire him to achieve loads of things for us. I judge that's his gift." Simmons isn't any longer, alternatively, anticipated to any of those things accurate now. He hasn't played a single game this season, so "I judge Ben has lots more roughly bodily and onboarding stuff to battle thru," Nash said. (Earlier than the alternate, Simmons had been accruing fines for sitting out, striking ahead that he used to be no longer mentally prepared to return to the Sixers.)

Nash said he has "no conception" when Simmons will assassinate his debut. The crew's efficiency workers will assume him and resolve what he needs to achieve to accept prepared to play. Fellow beginners Seth Curry and Andre Drummond would possibly perhaps be a part of the crew in Miami, the put Brooklyn will play the Warmth on Saturday, nonetheless they would perhaps merely no longer essentially swimsuit up, fixed with Nash. 

Nets guard Patty Mills has been in contact with Simmons. "We're getting a extraordinarily hungry, indignant basketball participant," Mills said, stressing that, "especially with our community," his fellow Aussie is anticipating getting encourage on the court.

"Concept, he's in a extraordinarily gorgeous region factual now, talking to him a excellent bit recently and seeing what he's been as much as when it comes to staying prepared and getting his body factual and getting game-prepared," Mills said. "So it used to be gorgeous and beautiful for me to peek and in actuality feel the put he's at."

To invent Harden, Curry, Drummond and two second-round picks, Brooklyn traded Harden and large man Paul Millsap. It also waived waft DeAndre' Bembry. 

"I judge we got better," Nets huge man Blake Griffin said. "And I'm indignant to accept those guys with us and excellent transfer ahead."

More particularly, Griffin said they "added perimeter defense, added a dynamic ballhandler, finisher (in Simmons); shooting (in Curry); rebounding (in Drummond)" and "guys who wished to be right here, guys who wished to play." 

Alongside Kevin Durant (when he's wholesome), Kyrie Irving (in boulevard games), Curry and Mills, Griffin thinks Simmons will obtain a draw to "play a chunk bit more free," he said. 

"I'm no longer shrinking about Ben," Griffin said. "He's been a highly effective participant since he stepped into this league. Beautiful attributable to of what came about in Philly does no longer indicate he can't play basketball anymore."

Shut to Simmons getting happy in his new atmosphere, Mills said: "I've frequently had his encourage and now I in actuality accept the opportunity to be with him. I've had his encourage from afar and I wish I was with him earlier in his career." 

The ever-ebullient Mills added that "or no longer it's thrilling times ahead" for Brooklyn and described Simmons as "a participant that makes teammates round him better." The version of the Nets that would possibly perhaps goal Simmons hitting the glass, shutting down stars and initiating rapid breaks would possibly perhaps perhaps be essentially diversified than the individual that preceded it.  

"I I judge he's uncommon," Nash said. "I'd no longer explain he rings a bell in my memory of any one. I judge he's one of these proficient athlete at his measurement, able to guard practically any one on the ground, can push it in transition, playmaker for his teammates, can facilitate offense because the ballhandler or as a picker and roller. So he's an thrilling participant that you just would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably keep into diversified roles."

For Brooklyn, or no longer it's all about harmony, Nash said, and "discovering a draw to play" that accentuates everybody's strengths. Even even supposing the Nets accept made a franchise-altering alternate for the second time in 13 months, and even supposing external expectations are decrease than they feeble to be, Nash said they are going to "accept a sense of urgency" and continue to play with this year's championship in mind. 

"Clearly we're on a time crunch a chunk bit in getting everybody encourage wholesome, gaining some harmony and constructing a crew that would possibly perhaps well drift and play at both ends of the ground," Nash said. "But we're no longer taking our foot off the gasoline. We desire to study out to originate and reach for the stars."

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